UPDATE: Why doesn’t the Sioux Falls School Board set policy?

UPDATE: Funny how the SFSD backtracks after they get busted. Me has a feeling some very angry board members probably made a few calls last night telling the administration to release the information. Now if we could just take a gander at the bond election ballots.

We heard it during the Dem Forum debate from incumbent board member Reiter when it came to elections, as a school board they don’t set policy on elections.

We hear it again in this article when it comes to cuts in arts curriculum;

The school board heard an informational report about the schedules earlier this year, and members had a chance to weigh in on the report at that time.

And the chances of school board member taking action on the issue are zero, district spokesperson Carly Uthe said Tuesday. That’s because the issue of creating new elementary schedules is an administrative function and not one of the elected governing body.

But isn’t the School Board supposed to be checking what the administration is doing? They cannot simply act alone when it comes to budgeting. They can offer solutions or suggestions, but the power of the purse is within the prevue of the board NOT the administration.

And from Facebook;

As an elected board, like the city council, isn’t it the job of the School Board to set or at the very least APPROVE polices like cuts to curriculum or setting up precincts in an election? What’s the point of having a school board as a check against the administration if they aren’t checking? Our democratic policies in Sioux Falls are going straight to Hell in a Hand Basket. The whole point of having ‘elected’ officials is to check the administrators work and step in when things are not going in the direction the public wants. You are representatives of US not of THEM.


#1 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 06.06.19 at 2:56 pm

Apparently, the Board is merely the jury. I guess the administration are the prosecutors, or in this case, the executors of policy and policy options.

Now, I guess we know why Stehly was told early on, in her job on the Council, that she works for the City and not the citizens.

This means that hired bureaucracies are running the show in town. Without trying to sound too Bannon, its like a local version of the “Deep State.” Or, what Nixon called the “Beast.”

I realize quoting Bannon or Nixon doesn’t help me much in the credibility world, but this realization of the Board demonstrates what happens when the bureaucracy is full time and the “legislators” are merely part-time….#WhereShouldWePutTheStamp?

#2 D@ily Spin on 06.06.19 at 3:42 pm

It works like an atomic collider. Everything moves in a circle gaining speed until there’s a nuclear accident.
Incidentally, there’s major earth moving going on at the new high school.

#3 Just Waiting 4 Dillard's on 06.06.19 at 4:04 pm

It all makes sense now, too, because Lawrence, a USD grad, and born and raised in Canton, invented the just collider.

#4 anonymous on 06.06.19 at 4:05 pm

The responses from the two Carly(s) Uthe/SFSD spokesperson and Reiter/SFSD board member proves to the public that it is

Maher, Morrison and Vik

that are ‘running the show’.

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