UPDATED: Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, July 23, 2019

City Council Informational, 4 PM

Monthly Financial Report for June 2019, you will see that while the sales tax revenue has been steady (and better than last year) the lodging tax continues to falter while Air BNB in Sioux Falls and the state has had record growth. I really think it is time the Air BNBs in Sioux Falls pay some sort of lodging tax.

Housing update

Legislative priorities of council for 2020 session, The city council is still supporting TIFs even though there has never been a comprehensive independent study presented publicly on how they are economically beneficial. We have NO idea what benefit TIFs have been. I have the short answer for you; there have been little to know economic impact, if there was we would have seen a study years ago showing it.

They also are asking the state to help in funding paratransit for agency ride services, which I agree with.

You will see in the calendar below that the EC Campus Book Club meeting has been moved to August 1st.

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#1 Deep Thoughts by "'E'SG" on 07.23.19 at 1:22 am

Shouldn’t a true arc, or arcs, have their own innate lighting?

Unless, these arcs are just a part of a greater circle, which then means we are just going in circles with our dreams, are we not?

It seems to me that we want to be “doers” and not “dreamers” too; but then again, “doers” do not build unfinished bunker ramps or leave former railroad yards empty, do they?