Sioux Falls City Council Meetings, July 9, 2019


#1 Matthew Paulson on 07.10.19 at 6:55 pm

Thanks for posting these. Much more convenient to watch on YouTube than the city website after the fact.

#2 Locked Door on 07.13.19 at 6:51 pm

Interesting to hear the Mayor can’t make time for a woman who has spent decades in SF advocating for the homeless.

And, what’s the ‘locked door to the Mayor’s office’ all about?

Does Paul Tenhaken feel that Unsafe around his constituents!? BTW, there’s a security guard sitting right outside his office.

This guy really needs to go back to his private life, he is not cut out for public service.

#3 l3wis on 07.14.19 at 12:04 am

The funny part is he would probably love to slither back into his private life. I saw him driving down Phillips last night, looking out the window of his vehicle, he didn’t look happy.