Bee Smart!

As councilor Stehly points out, let’s join the fight to save the bees.


#1 scott on 08.18.19 at 5:32 pm

noem’s guest column looks like a paper an eighth grader would’ve turned in. she also supports trump. here’s what trump’s epa is doing to bees.

#2 A "Bee student," just like Trump on 08.18.19 at 5:39 pm

I heard that bees love hemp plants…..

(“What?”….”All a sudden the GOP has rediscovered science?”….”Are we sure they’re feeling well?”)

#3 Matthew Paulson on 08.18.19 at 7:37 pm

Tomorrow’s Dakota War College Headline:
Councilor Stehly is Pro Bee Stings, Probably Hates People with Bee Allergies.

#4 D@ily Spin on 08.18.19 at 9:16 pm

Bees are pollination. A teaspoon of honey is important in D@ily Spin diet. Now, wasps and yellow jackets I have traps for. They’re viscous. More flesh wounds than ex-wives.

#5 Jannelle Cain on 08.19.19 at 10:22 am

While this is a great idea I think it may be a slippery slope. I have had bee hives on my farm and pasture land in NW South Dakota for over 4 decades and when they deliver the and pick up the hives each year they don’t like to even drive through a farm yard as the bees tend the try to invade that area….. I do have a friend that does bee keeping in the outskirts of Loveland, CO and it is up and down for them on their counts and very expensive. I am just worried about there becoming issues with them in the city as well as the questions raised with the existing spraying in the summer for mosquitos! There are A LOT OF PEOPLE VERY DEADLY ALLERGIC TO BEES… we need to think about that in city limits. I would have no idea if my neighbors are allergic if I brought them in at my house!!!!

Lets just approach this being very smart!!!!!!

#6 anominous on 08.19.19 at 2:16 pm

^ I don’t get this comment. We had that lawsuit with the dog in the state park that busted out of its collar and bit someone and the supreme court said it wasn’t the fault of the owner. You can’t put collars on bees.

#7 A flying dog on 08.19.19 at 2:45 pm

I don’t know anominous,

I once saw a fellow classmate in jr. high catch a fly, pull a hair out of his head, then use his hair string as a noose/collar that he placed on the fly, and then controlled the fly like a flying doggy….. #TrueStory #IWonderWhateverHappenToThatClassmate?

#8 Theresa Stehly on 08.19.19 at 5:19 pm

We have been looking at other successful ordinances in surrounding municipalities. With the appropriate registration, education and neighborhood notification there have been no problems. We will certainly be taking public input on this concept as it moves forward. At the very least, we will be encouraging residents to plant more bee/bird/butterfly friendly flowers. I am allergic to bee stings and have never been bothered by the bee population in my yard.

#9 anominous on 08.24.19 at 4:51 pm

Yeah, I heard somebody tied a string around a caterpillar and tightened it up each day real slow and ended up with 2 caterpillars. Just cuz you can don’t make it right.

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