Events Center Campus Task Force Recommendations (Video)


#1 Greenland's Chief of Culture on 08.23.19 at 12:21 pm

Let’s just take more money from Parks to pay for all of this, and if there is anything left, then we’ll just use it to complete the restoration of the second and third floors at the State Theatre. ….#MissionAccomplished…..#WhatAboutTheRoads?

(“They must grow money on those Park trees, huh?”)

#2 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 08.23.19 at 3:46 pm

Imagine, if you and your spouse bought some real estate a few years ago, that still hasn’t been developed (The railroad yard). Then, you started an other development that fell flat (The Bunker Ramp). Then, your spouse donated a bunch of your family savings to a fundraiser/charity (The State Theatre). Then, you noticed that your spouse placed a huge lawn ornament in your backyard (The Arcs). Then, your spouse took gas money from the mower fund to fuel the family car’s tank (Parks v. Roads). And then, your spouse suggested we tear down our detached garage and shed and build new ones, or some other structures. What would you tell your spouse?

(“I’d tell my spouse: ‘Is Greenland available?’ “…)