Minnehaha CC Barth is tired of gun violence

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#1 John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., on 08.15.19 at 12:30 pm

“A critical issue that our whole nation needs to deal with.”

That was Commissioner Bender’s respond to Commissioner Barth’s comments on gun violence in this country, but she is wrong. It isn’t the nation that needs to deal with this, it’s the Republican Party. A political party which sets in silence as it allows its president to spread hate and fear that causes tragedies like the one in El Paso. A political party, whose congressional leadership, does nothing to address the overall gun violence in our nation today.

Gun violence today in America makes us all potential victims, but the perpetrators of this violence are finite and their enablers are too, but sadly the enablers, or the Republican Party that is, do nothing as Americans continue to be gunned down, while the Republican Party tries to maintain its electoral coalition, but with the blood of many Americans on their hands, I am afraid.