SFPO admits to wanting to stop Burgess for ‘Running his mouth’

I’m still trying to find in SF city charter or SD law where ‘Running your mouth’ is against the law. Officer also admits that the traffic incident investigation was done before they tackled Burgess.


#1 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 08.19.19 at 1:21 pm

“Running his mouth’ is probable cause?

#2 Say, how much do you think that Napoleon guy wants for Greenland anyhow? on 08.19.19 at 1:45 pm

Trump runs his mouth all the time and Pelosi did say she wants him in jail instead of impeached. So where are the police when you need them?

(“Say, when is Trump coming to Sioux Falls again?’ ….”Citizen’s arrest!”……”Citizen’s arrest!” (“But, I think that the local police here could help us with this one.”))

#3 It only took five years to fire the NY cop who killed Eric Garner on 08.19.19 at 2:22 pm

What about a runny nose, is that littering?

#4 l3wis on 08.19.19 at 4:16 pm

The SFPD said today they closed their investigation, but they won’t tell the public what they decided saying it was a ‘personnel’ issue and the officer still works for up. So I guess what they decided. I don’t look at this as a ‘personnel’ issue, that would mean he tackled one of his co-workers. It will be interesting to see if this goes to court.

#5 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 08.19.19 at 4:43 pm

They can’t fire him, or put him on probation right now, because that would only further legitimize the defendants possible civil rights case. So, it is fair to say that the city is currently playing proactive defense with this whole issue and understandably so.

#6 Scott on 08.19.19 at 9:14 pm

More secrecy from SFPD is certainly not welcomed. They serve and protect their own first.

#7 D@ily Spin on 08.20.19 at 8:34 am

There was interference with their investigation. If someone does not comply with a warning there’s grounds for arrest. It could have happened differently but the disturbance and escalation with not submitting to being subdued looks to be grounds for police actions.

#8 D@ily Spin on 08.20.19 at 2:39 pm

Effective yesterday police are now given call locations via text instead of radio. Citizen vigilantes can no longer use police scanners to show up and film civil rights and/or physical abuse. Police do not have body cameras. Are these peace officers or Gestapo?

#9 l3wis on 08.20.19 at 2:56 pm

Dan, I saw that. It’s the new Trump way of doing things, when caught, double down on your misdeeds.

#10 "'Extremely' Stable Genius on 08.21.19 at 12:07 am

The Trump White House no longer has daily press briefings, the police have begun to text instead of using a radio, and McConnell now claims he would fill a Supreme Court seat in an election year (as long as the GOP controls the White House.). I don’t know about you, but I miss the good old days when we had a democracy, how about all of you?

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