WussCollege spreading BS about ‘Triple Check the Charter’

Besides the fact it is NONE of Pitty’s business what Sioux Falls citizens want to do with their charter, he seems to be reading into things and believing Councilor Neitzert’s continued distortions and propaganda while he is attacking private citizens for trying to make their city government better.

As you can see from the original document HERE, it is notarized by the city clerk. So do you think Phatty Patty will correct this? How about city councilor Neitzert? Maybe I should call his mommy and tell her he has been a very bad, bad, boy.

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#1 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 08.22.19 at 4:39 pm

How come Pat waited months before he ever mentioned the EB5 scandal, but in one day he has produced 6 posts about the South Dakota Democratic Party? I mean, how can a guy “be fair and balanced,” if he isn’t given the facts?

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