City’s Drone Flyover of Tornado Damage (9/11/19)

Once again the September 10, 2019 tornadoes prove the city of Sioux Falls is being run (not led) by the kids in charge who are not ready for disasters. These kids only want to get on Facebook and Twitter to let their friends and not citizens know there is an impending disaster. Childishness runs amok.

Facebook games by the kids in charge, now there is a disaster unfolding before our eyes as our asses are blown to Iowa. We have no ambulance service backup, no cooperation agreements between neighboring fire departments (our fire chief even lives 30 miles away in Canton) and we have a mess and no one even turns on a siren. Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour was better run.


#1 scott on 09.11.19 at 2:11 pm

did the siding blow off at the denty?

#2 Briggs on 09.11.19 at 3:11 pm

In the cities defense the people filming this wouldn’t have much else to do. Plus this footage can be useful to first responders. It’s why they use this drone for other purposes like when someone falls into the falls.

#3 Bruce on 09.11.19 at 4:18 pm

Briggs, the video was not posted for training purposes. The video was posted on Facebook and Twitter to entertain “their” viewers.

This administration is not in office all of us but in office for their purposes and only letting their Facebook gamers play with them shows the narrow scope on their inclusion.

#4 PTH's Response To No Siren on 09.11.19 at 6:23 pm

The siren in our area gave us no warning.

Fortunately, we had very little damage. Which is WHY we are wondering about the ELEVEN public works vehicles that showed up in our neighborhood:

6 large dump trucks

2 front end-loaders

1 street sweeper


2 MOTOR GRADERS (#35 and #37)


#5 Sorry I voted for PTH on 09.11.19 at 7:27 pm

The way this city is being run is getting to be comical at this point. This “mayor” needs to be shown the door next election.

We need to find some responsible adults show these guys how to lead.

#6 D@ily Spin on 09.11.19 at 7:32 pm

It’s hard to plan for a tornado. There wasn’t much warning. However, the sirens not sounding is disturbing. Drones for damage is good but the video should be on the city web site, not Facebook.

#7 scott on 09.11.19 at 7:48 pm

i wonder of the city paid for that video?

#8 Thanks alot Frankie MacDonald! on 09.12.19 at 9:22 am

They’re too busy saving the State Theatre to turn on the sirens.

#9 D@ily Spin on 09.12.19 at 9:57 am

Are city drones practice for pheasant season?

#10 The Guy From Guernsey on 09.12.19 at 10:50 am

PTH’s Response,
Rest easy, my friend. Someone important lives in your neighborhood.

#11 Thomas on 09.13.19 at 11:08 pm

We live in the most connected time in the history of humans. People have cell phones. Those cell phones ring with alarms of emergencies. There are old-school low-tech weather radios that sound in alarm when a warning is issued. There is radio. There is TV. There is looking out your window and seeing that there is heavy rain coming down and that the wind is blowing harder. Do we really need to hear a siren to tell us to take cover? Storm sirens are for those people who are outside and may not Have all of the aforementioned tools with them to stay connected. Quit complaining about the sirens. Start taking some responsibility for your own personal safety. Be prepared. Get a life.

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