Former Lt. Gov. Michaels endorses Beaudion for Sioux Falls City Council

I was pretty surprised when I watched this video and saw Michaels endorsing and introducing Julian (who is a Democrat).

If I was Julian, I would remind voters every single day that as a former law enforcement officer, he would never vote to go into a private/public partnership with a bunch of criminals like Greg did with the bunker ramp. I would make Greg own it every single frickin’ day.


#1 SouthernExposure on 09.15.19 at 2:54 pm


#2 Dave Baumeister on 11.08.19 at 11:34 pm

Scott, if you knew Matt, you wouldn’t be surprised at all. I am really sad that he isn’t our governor right now. (P.S. you spelled “Michels” wrong.