If I was Stehly, I wouldn’t spend one single penny

As I told Alex last night when I ran into him, I’m not sure if Theresa is running for a second term. But I what I did not tell him is, she is unbeatable, no matter how much money you spend. The only thing that could make Stehly vulnerable is if several people jump into that race (I do think there will be others). But in a head to head challenge between Alex, or anybody else, she can’t be beat. I am so confident of that, I would advice Stehly to raise NO money and spend NO money if she decided to run for re-election. It would be an amazing sticking point to prove money in local politics corrupts the system.

While I don’t agree with Theresa on many things (trust me, we have a lot of disagreements, and I also argue with her about her ‘style’ and ‘form’ sometimes) but the one thing that makes her extremely re-electable is that she listens to the people, and is their voice when NO one else on the council will speak for them, and for this, she will be impossible to beat if she runs.


#1 Scott on 09.07.19 at 6:48 pm

I hope it is a fair and honest race. Judging by some of the hosts, he will most likely side with the rubber stampers, which this city does not need.

#2 Republican on Republican violence on 09.07.19 at 8:58 pm

Highlights the split in the R’s between the Ruling Class Developers and the working class taxpayers. And I thought Bob Sutton had more brains than to pick sides in this fight.

#3 Frankie MacDonald Trump on 09.07.19 at 9:36 pm

“Suggested Contribution: $250,” let’s see, if you make $12.50 an hour, a person would only have to work 20 hours, or half a week, to attend. That sounds like a “Peoples’ Event” to me.

And I see that M.P. is involved, too. Isn’t M.P. the one who thought that DTSF could just proactively create no parking zones on our streets?

With money like that and an odd understanding of how a democratic government is suppose to work, aren’t elections just a bother?

( – Woodstock suggests: “It looks like its time to pull out the ‘Super Precinct’ trick once again.”)

#4 King Archie Bunker Ramp on 09.07.19 at 9:45 pm

Did you see the known Republican names on this “Host” list? I mean, really, “Daugaard,” “Erickson,” “Fiegen,” “Jensen,” “Kirby,” “Lauck,” “Mickelson,” “Peters,” “Rave,” “Soholt,” and “Venhuizen?” This isn’t a fundraiser for a non-partisan race, is it?

( – Woodstock adds: “With names like this, it sounds more like an all night GOP bender before the Sanford International….”)

#5 Scott D Hudson on 09.07.19 at 10:37 pm

I’m bothered by this idea that instead of ideas and being a better candidate the focus is that they’re going to raise so much money it’s impossible to lose. That doesn’t give me any confidence in the candidate.

#6 "Someday," I'll dream, too... on 09.07.19 at 10:44 pm

Isn’t it amazing how well educated, rich, and successful people can somehow be advocates for the politics of a bunker ramp?

#7 D@ily Spin on 09.07.19 at 11:21 pm

Stehly represents the people. She has done a great job. In fact, she gives more than expected. I too do not always agree with her. However, I’m but one person amongst the population of the city. All should have an opinion and voice. She introduces topics and leaves the subject open to council vote or dictatorial mayor action. She should be re-elected.
We should be reminded that city government is not democratic. Stehly might be forced out with another rigged election and hidden polling places. Money talks but it’s not through ads or signage. It’s how much is paid so that voters from cemeteries and pets get counted.

#8 Blasphemo on 09.07.19 at 11:40 pm

Matthey Paulson: “Alex and I are playing to win and our fundraising will reflect that in terms of total number of donors and total amount raised.” So, Matthew – self described
✝ Christian
👪 Husband/Father
💸 Entrepreneur…
Your con & marks are prophesized: 2 Timothy 4:3
“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires”.

#9 Southern Exposure on 09.08.19 at 12:54 am

The conceptual plausible deniability of “Sanford Falls” (unaccountable connected big money) vs The People.

#10 King Archie Bunker Ramp on 09.08.19 at 2:03 am

I missed the “Thuney,” who will be in attendance. It’s never a true GOP event without a Thune.

( – and Woodstock adds: “You can always pick out a Thune at a GOP event. They tend to be taller and always standing behind a toad’s left shoulder.”)

#11 l3wis on 09.08.19 at 2:04 am

Isn’t it funny how it always come back to money, something a lot of Sioux Falls voters don’t have.

#12 scott on 09.08.19 at 8:16 am

im voting for whoever is running against this guy.

#13 Voter on 09.08.19 at 9:38 am

“Alex and I are playing to win and our fundraising will reflect that in terms of total number of donors and total amount raised.”

Thanks for letting me know this Matthew Paulson.

Now, I know who I will not be voting for!

#14 Michael L. Wyland on 09.08.19 at 10:00 am

I believe it’s still possible to win in Sioux Falls without spending lots of money. Money helps, of course, but it only makes a candidate competitive – it doesn’t guarantee victory.

Kermit Staggers was the prime example of the strategy. First, relentless door-to-door “retail” politics. He knocked on every door in his legislative district – not only in the election year, but also in the “off year.” Second, he and his wife networked extensively through the evangelical churches in Sioux Falls, developing circles of support that were largely invisible to the establishment community. Third, he was a Republican and received some support through the GOP in Sioux Falls. However, there are some important caveats to that support. First (3a), the GOP in Sioux Falls has many factions, most of which don’t support each other. Second (3b), Staggers identified himself proudly as a Republican, but he maintained his own beliefs and his own counsel, never “going along to get along” with the GOP crowd.

Staggers only began losing support with his fans when he got angry in public after joining the city council. Angry as an event may be OK, but angry as a reputational trend is damaging, especially in times where many voters feel and act like abuse victims.

#15 "Bought and Paid For" or "Free Common Sense Representation" on 09.08.19 at 12:54 pm

As a christian and a republican who is very disappointed in the current republican leaders in office in this city, I would like to challenge all voters to ask themselves the following question.

Do you think it wise to support a candidate who has sold his vote into bondage or to support a candidate whom is not in bondage and obligated to those moneyed supporters? Those moneyed supporters are only giving money to influence and control the candidate!

Who is going to best represent your interests and protect the expenditure of your taxes?

PTH, MP, and CE are only behind this candidate as they want another Controllable Rubber Stamp for their purpose, power, and pocket.

#16 l3wis on 09.08.19 at 1:21 pm

MW, I would agree with a lot of what you are saying, but I wouldn’t say Kermit was ‘angry’ just a little stubborn. When he made up his mind, you could do little to change it. I tried to get him to support the safe house, but he wouldn’t budge.

#17 l3wis on 09.08.19 at 1:23 pm

I guess Alex has the right raise as much money as he wants to, but being this vocal about it is probably not the right approach. This gives Theresa the opportunity to prove a point and run a campaign with very little money.

#18 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 09.08.19 at 4:19 pm

Staggers only lost two races, if I remember right. In ’92, he beat John Harris in the Republican state senate primary in District 13, then lost a close one to Denny Pierson in the fall, but then beat Pierson in ’94 for that same state senate seat and didn’t lose an other race until 2010 against Huether.

Keep in mind too, that Staggers rebounded from his 2010 lost to Huether to be elected to an at-large council seat, where he got 51% of the vote in a three race against De Knudson and the dognut maker, whose name at this time evades me.

Often when people talk about Staggers, they think of his loss to Huether, but there is much more to his political career then that; and his lost had more to do with the image he projected as a potential mayor, than the policy positions he took, or the manner he presented them as a councilman. Because when he showed up with Huether on KSFY, during the 2010 run-off, at a “Live at Five” interview wearing a poorly tailored tan suit from the 1970s, that race was overwith. Meanwhile, Huether showed up with a blue blazor, no tie (very Ten Hakenian), and projected an image that Republican taupesters could handle.

In my estimation, Staggers real political problem was image and not his politics, or its presentation, but this never really came to light until it naturally became showcased when he was a mayoral candidate.

#19 Theresa Stehly on 09.08.19 at 6:07 pm

I will chime in, since this is about my tenure /future on the Council.

Kermit Staggers was a wonderful advocate for the citizens. I knew him as my legislative representative and my Central District Council member. He was always looking out for the best interests of the people. He would return phone calls and listen.
He also wanted to give all people in this town a chance to serve, not the “same old, same olds”. He didn’t care how much money you made, or where you lived.

During my first two races in 2008 and 2010, he was a mentor , advocate and a friend. I will always be deeply grateful for all the things he taught me about City Government and running campaigns. He was a devoted Republican, and encouraged me to run for a Republican precinct position which I still hold. But He was respected by Democrats as well because he treated all people with respect and worked for GOOD GOVERNMENT.

Kermit was also a great supporter in our petition drives for Drake Springs and Snow Gates. He was willing to jump in and get involved with the average citizen needs and issues. He used to say that his only “special interest” was the citizens. This was true.

I wanted him to run for reelection in 2016. However, On February 11th 2016, he called to tell me that he and his family had decided he was NOT going to run.

Of course, I was deeply saddened that our community was going to lose this special citizen’s advocate . As this news broke, I also heard from reliable City Council sources that there would be an effort to do away with public input after John Paulson would be elected in Kermit’s spot.

I jumped into the race four days later, (and two weeks before the cut off deadline) because I felt that some attempt needed to be made to advocate for the average citizen and their right to be heard .

If you ask anyone who knows me , I had no expectation of winning in 2016…but I had to try for the sake of the people. I raised $8,000…John Paulson raised $40,000….and yes he had the “who’s who” of the town on his donor list.

I did win, with 45% of the vote.

I have served the people of this community with my heart and soul. I have worked to bring transparency, responsiveness, fairness, citizen friendly legislation and common sense to the Council. I have been willing to take calls from all constituents and listen to their concerns.

At the end of the day, I hope you all know that I loved you the citizens, and wanted to make life better in this town for everyone. I have also prayed that I could be true to my own soul, and not motivated/ intimidated by people with money or power.

For now, I am focusing on the upcoming Five hundred fifty million budget. There are several impactful ordinances coming around the bend as well!!!

For all of you, please never hesitate to reach out to me with your concerns, criticisms or comments:
929-8783 tstehly@siouxfalls.org

#20 RJ on 09.08.19 at 8:11 pm

There have to be better candidates, right? Theresa would be ok. Just glancing at Alex’s host list tells me all I need to know

#21 S.D. has "Dusty," while the U.K. has "Boris," but together they're a couple of "Johnsons"..... on 09.08.19 at 11:21 pm

Do most Republican caucuses cost $250 to attend? …#GOPChumpChange….

#22 The Guy Ftom Guernsey on 09.09.19 at 7:22 am

Flaunting connections and money well in advance of highlighting issues.
Yah, sorry. No thanks.
Looking forward to making the result of this apparently to be well-moneyed campaign the same result as Entenman’s Mayoral campaign – another candidate full of connections and money, but devoid of substance.

#23 Blasphemo on 09.09.19 at 10:34 am

Guy Ftom (sic) Guernsey: Agree 100% – I thought of Entenman’s spendy campaign, too. And BOTH of John Paulson’s failed Council bids – he flushed upwards of $50k of his Sanford buddies’ bribe$ between those two boondoggle campaigns. Thankfully there is still some precedent that you can’t necessarily buy an election in SF.

#24 Reliable Voter on 09.09.19 at 12:00 pm

I’m a registered D, and if necessary, will crawl through broken glass to the Instructional Planning Center to vote for Stehly.

#25 Chr. of "Democrats 4 Theresa" on 09.09.19 at 2:33 pm

Before you vote for Alex, take a look at his “Hosts” list, then take a look at the siding on the Events Center, and then take a look at that gray south wall on the Bunker Ramp, then after all of that, go vote for Theresa.

#26 Jimmy Doxx on 09.09.19 at 4:21 pm

As someone asked by the TenHaken team to help dox criticizers, I wouldn’t go anywhere near Paulson TenHaken, Powers, or any of the other operatives that actively work for the Republican Party. They are all corrupt to the core.

#27 South Dakota to the core! on 09.09.19 at 8:07 pm


So, what you are saying is that “Nixonhaken” ain’t off the mark, huh?

But what I want to know is: Who is Haldeman, or who is Ehrlichman? I mean, it sounds like you’re John Dean, if you get my drift. 😉

( and Woodstock states: “Whoever thought that a bunch of ‘Plumbers’ could somehow become tech savy?”)

#28 scott on 09.09.19 at 8:10 pm

just curious if matt paulson is related to 2x loser john paulson.

#29 The Guy From Guernsey on 09.09.19 at 8:20 pm

This may, or may not be in response to Reply #26.
I do love it when “the plumbers” tell their stories.
‘Very Stable Genius’ likely in a state of reminiscenct fulfillment. The Politics of the 20teens are the High Tech 70’s!

#30 The Guy From Guernsey on 09.09.19 at 8:28 pm

PSA to those responding to this post by Mr Ehrisman:
Be extremely wary in fielding invitations to pheasant hunting outings.

#31 Just a Republican doxter on 09.09.19 at 8:35 pm

Say, is Paulson related to Paul Erickson?….. Oh darn it, I hate my dyslexia.

( – and Woodstock notes: “But no….I think you might be on to something….”)

#32 anominous on 09.10.19 at 10:42 am

lol martina burina’s stank hasn’t even blown out of that neighborhood yet

#33 Bring back the leisure suit & the AMC Pacer! on 09.10.19 at 11:36 am

“The Politics of the 20teens are the High Tech 70’s!”

Except, the current mayor’s open collars aren’t thankfully spread across his sportcoat lapels.

#34 A villager on the river on 09.10.19 at 1:32 pm

I bet that is some “stank,” huh?

(“What is that? That I smell?” (“Oh nothing, it’s just activated by my mounted “Big Mouth Billy Bass,” that I have in my mayoral garage.”))

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