UPDATE: Naturalization Ceremony at Pavilion

I was pretty excited to hear there was so many new US citizens being sworn in this time around they had to have a bigger venue, so they chose the Great Hall at the Pavilion which is an excellent venue for it.

But I heard an interesting rumor, the Pavilion charged rent for the ceremony. I’m assuming if that is true, the Feds paid the tab. While I understand they have to have staff work these events, if they are during the day, isn’t the staff there already anyway?

What I also found interesting is that the Pavilion gets ‘some’ Federal money, so they turn around and charge rent?! The Pavilion is also subsidized by local taxpayers and is a city owned building that receives millions each year in operational and maintenance funds.

So if the rumor is true, my question is, is the Pavilion so hard up for money they have to charge for such an event? Oh that’s right, this is the same entity that also charges admission into the VAC, even though they could get sponsors to cover those expenses.

UPDATE: There were several volunteers working the event, but I still have not heard if the Feds had to rent the place. Since the Pavilion has taken over the Orpheum, the city has to pay rent if they want to use it.


#1 D@ily Spin on 09.08.19 at 7:11 pm

Something doesn’t seem right. Charge for new immigrants sorely needed to fill jobs. The city is opppsed to new citizens. Ones who cherish their liberty and will help overpower the present Oligarchy.

#2 S.D. has "Dusty, while the U.K. has "Boris," but together they are a couple of "Johnsons".... on 09.08.19 at 11:14 pm

It’s like when you were a child and your parents would give you some money so you could buy one of your parents a birthday gift…..Apparently, the Pavilion is still living in the basement.

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