City of Sioux Falls trying to package new public safety facility bonds with past bad decisions

So this is what the city of Sioux Falls does, they make bad decisions in the past and instead of trying to correct them, they just pile it on with more bad spending decisions.*

While the new public safety center is needed, no doubt, they are playing a game with bonds and re-financing prior bad decisions;

Also included in the potential bonding package would be about $3 million for a new fire station in southeastern Sioux Falls and between $7 and $10 million for the third phase of the River Greenway project downtown. 

The two bonds being considered for refinancing were taken out by the city in 2009 for quality of life improvements, along with the flood levy project completed in 2015. Those bonds have $11.85 million and $19.7 million remaining on them, respectively.

That’s right, besides the public safety needs we want to continue to fund the river Greenway Project expansion (that is NOT needed – and likely will continue to flood due to global warming) and let’s not forget the fancy footwork the previous mayor played with Federal Funds that would have paid off the levy bonds but instead used the money to pay for the MAC that we didn’t need and continues to lose money each year.

If I was on the council, I would have NO issue with the re-finance and funding the public safety facilities, BUT, I would nix the expansion of the river greenway and just do inexpensive bike trail upgrades, etc, and stop building Roman like structures. We need to work on flood control of the Big Sioux, not build more monuments to nothing.

*There is a rumor I heard from another local media person that the city may need more money for another failed over budget project in town. I have no idea what that would be, or the cost – but I have my guesses. I guess the cat may be let out of the bag as soon as this week. Oh, brother.


#1 scott on 10.30.19 at 7:57 pm

why do we need to fund the river greenway? shouldn’t we all pitch in and help do it for free?

#2 "I know more than my generals..." on 10.31.19 at 12:38 am

Yah, call 211. Draw a red line. “Pitch in.” Do things with a lack of communication, while you’re at it. Then go on FB and make fun of people you disagree with.

But on a more positive note, there is one good thing about climate change, and that is the increasing need to clean up storm messes, which will create more jobs down the road to make up for the job losses due to artificial intelligence.

( – and Woodstock states: “Oh no, not again, this game plan sounds vaguely familiar and the absence of sirens is deafening to ones reassurance.”)

#3 The City Council's Job Is To Protect Taxpayers on 10.31.19 at 10:06 am

Why would we bond for the River Greenway?

This project should get in line for CIP (Capital Improvement) dollars.

KELO, October 30, 2019:

In August, the city collected nearly 12-percent more sales tax money than a year earlier. In September, the city collected eight-percent more than last year.

Reminder to the Council and taxpayers:

Phase II of the River Greenway was partially financed with money that was intended to improve the WATER QUALITY of the Big Sioux River (the result of a settlement with Morrell’s (now Smithfield) over polluting the river).

At the time this decision was made by the sitting Council, DENR considered the Sioux River to be one of the top 10 most polluted rivers in the U.S.

#4 The City Council's Job Is To Protect Taxpayers on 10.31.19 at 10:09 am

I failed to include the amount of that settlement which was intended to improve WATER QUALITY: 1.97m

#5 Conservative Here on 10.31.19 at 11:40 am

Question – Will all the people who claim Global Warming is real and that man is the cause eat crow when all the dire predictions continue to fail. According to Al Gore we should all be dead now, right???

While the MSM selectively picks stories to further their agenda, here is a good article questioning all this and links to other supporting articles. Now I know its not CNN, MSNBC, or CBS but, maybe this is why the folks who think this is happening stopped calling it Global Warming and now call it Climate Change because the earth is has cooled based on NASA data and that would screw up the narrative. Now we will just call it Climate Change and then anytime the weather changes we can just say..see I told ya so. I think this is the biggest hoax ever and it appears that data is backing this up. Come on Scott its not even called Global Warming anymore, its Climate Change. Please keep up with the changing vernacular (sarc/laugh).

I will go one step further, if we truly think this a problem wouldn’t it make sense to stop buying stuff from China & India (2 biggest polluters on the planet) and put pressure on them to fix it as the US has done its part as we have reduced CO2. 1st world countries are not the problem, its the China’s of the world. I also think its rich that all the people who are the big advocates for this crap take private airplanes, have huge mansions, and have the largest carbon footprint of anyone. I believe Al Gore’s house uses enough power to power like 45 homes or something like that. Why is it that Lefty’s continue to tell everyone else how to live yet wont walk the walk. Democrat leaders talk about gun control, yet have armed security. Dems leaders talk about taxing the wealthy yet many are millionaires. They talked shit about health care and how ACA was this great thing, yet EXEMPTED themselves from going on the same plans the average american would have to get. Its hard for me to take someone seriously if they are not first going to walk the walk first. Global Warming is in that same bucket for me, lets see you take a train, drive an electric car, eat only veggies, dump your security, get on Obamacare, give your extra money to IRS, and live in a moderate house. Until that happens, their opinion is of no consequence as they are just a bunch of hypocrites.

#6 "Very Stable Genius" on 11.01.19 at 8:22 pm

Do you know why they don’t call it “Global Warming” anymore, because too many dumbasses would say after a seasonal snowstorm, “Uh, yah, we’s got ‘Global Warming’ all right, hahahaha….”

Climate change is a diagnosis. It’s not an immediate death warrant.

Oh, and Democrats don’t have “armed security.” It’s officeholders, who have that security and understandably so. It’s called assuring the continuity of government. I don’t know if you knew this, but they are more likely a target than the “average Joe.” Trust me, you would have your own “armed security,” if you thought your security was at a greater risk.

Democrats are millionaires? Really? So why can’t they tax themselves more?

The ACA does work. 20 million have coverage, which did not have coverage before the ACA.

As far as your “EXEMPTED” claim, I believe you are talking about congressional coverage, which has always been better than most private plans, but because of the ACA, all private plans are better now.

#7 Conservative Here on 11.02.19 at 10:54 pm

VSG – I was speaking of Dem Leadership and it said so in my post. So yes, can’t take you seriously when your not willing to do these things yourself. I don’t care if they are more likely to be targets needing armed security, the fact they have it and dont’ want us to have it is exactly the point. Yes, many Democrat leaders are millionaires and they didn’t start out being Millionaires. Amazing how that happens!!! Overall I am talking about how they talk out of their ass yet expect us to do the opposite. ObamaCare is shit and if was so good they should have taken it too since they work for us and should have the same healthcare they want to impose on us. I think its only fair yet they took the extra step to exempt themselves. I don’t listen to polticians I watch what they do. If these ideas or so great practice them yourself first or STFU. Its Virtue Signaling at its finest