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UPDATE: Just got word that Cameraman Bruce is recording.

I got word today from a city official that the summit tomorrow from 8-12 PM will NOT be recorded. I did not get a reason why.

In the past, the summit was recorded, mostly to highlight the guest speaker and the Q & A with city officials. It would be a ‘NICE’ thing to watch on YouTube if you cannot attend since several departments will be speaking.

What amazes me is that with all this supposed technology the city has and with all the videos on social media, you would think this important event would be recorded.

Maybe the city directors are afraid they may get an ‘uncomfortable’ question that they can’t answer.

Who knows?

I’m so confused by the randomness of how information is being disseminated by this administration.

On that note, the mayor gave the city an ‘A’ minus when it came to the response to the tornado disaster. Ironically, I think that is the same grade he gave president Trump ๐Ÿ™‚

By l3wis

11 thoughts on “UPDATE: City of Sioux Falls will NOT be video recording Neighborhood Summit”
  1. He gave Trump a “B,” but if you are going to give Trump a “B,” then by those inflated standards then the city does deserve an “A-” for tornado recovery in my estimation.

    However, if you want to live in the real world, which has tornadoes from time to time, then what Trump deserves is a “F,” which means the city deserves a “D-” for tornado recovery.

    Oh, and by the way, it is now day 25 for that big piece of metal that is still on the city’s side of the “Red Line” on South Lincoln Avenue.

    ( – and Woodstock states: “A ‘F?’….. Hell, I say more like a ‘Z.'”)

  2. There are no updates on the COSF web site about the city’s boulevard cleanup of remaining broken & upturned tree stumps, ripped up major roots, buckled sidewalks and open craters where trees used to stand. But, for the Neighborhood Summit Jason Reisdorfer is giving a presentation on reporting potholes, street construction and downtown parking??!!! Why doesn’t this guy stick to making the city web site worth a shit??!!!! And why doesn’t PTH see the cleanup through instead of worrying about a new branding slogan for SF??!!!! NEWSFLASH CHILDREN: WINTER IS COMING. ARE WE GONNA LOOK AT THIS WRECKAGE UNTIL 2020??!!!!

  3. The tornado clean-up in this town by the city was cavalier at best. But the good news is, that the sirens work once again.

    ( – and Woodstock says: “Work?”……”Hell yes”….. “Especially that one next to my nest.” ๐Ÿ™ )

  4. One would think a gathering such as this should be recorded. There’s relevant information subject to review. However, a video is likely not required. It will look bad when there’s a Cameraman Bruce resource but not a city record. It’s just another รขโ‚ฌหœWe said we would but we lied’ city irregularity.

  5. The sirens work well when there’s not a tornado. They proved loudest and longest ever for the Friday test when skies were clear and no wind.

  6. We are hiring a videographer for Innovation Expo at the Orpheum next week. The bill is around $2,500 and I think that is the friends and family rate. Nice of Bruce to record the neighborhood summit for free. Maybe I should try to get some city employees to speak at Innovation Expo and I too could get a free recording from Bruce ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Wow, another dig at the President. Is there anything going on in the city that you don’t tie to the President. Your TDS is really starting to show now.

  8. What everyone should know about this video is the recording the 4 hour event with 4 cameras and then post production of 4 hours created an upload file compilation of 14 hours and then it will upload to YouTube. Enjoy it…. 65gig of video for you…

  9. I attended neighborhood summits when Huether was mayor. They were recorded by the City for the benefit of all citizens.

    Neighborhood Summit

    Those two words indicate to organizers and citizens that you would want as many SF residents as possible involved.

    I was at the summit yesterday. I was told they had approximately 70 people registered, my estimate would be that maybe 50 showed up.

    With all the time and effort put into organizing this, why did the City NOT record this for all taxpayers’ benefit?

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