Sioux Falls Neighborhood Summit, Oct 5, 2019


#1 Erica on 10.07.19 at 12:59 am

Is the Neighborhood Summit just a once a year thing? I really wish I could have made it to this one. I wanted to ask about the large companies Mayor TenHanken claims wants to come in but are concerned with the workforce availability. I have a problem with this claim of companies not being able to find good employees or enough employees. What types of jobs are these; entry level low level or are we talking mid-career? Why are companies not providing more on the job training to fill positions here?

As my husband is still looking for employment I am annoyed with hearing how hard of a time employers are having trying to find employees with no real details on what employers & what type of jobs. The whole story is not being told.

#2 l3wis on 10.07.19 at 7:18 am

They are looking for employees they can pay a slave wage to, that is the part they leave out when they say they can’t find people. Companies in town that pay well and train their employees don’t have an issue with finding people. Go figure.

#3 Attendee on 10.07.19 at 9:55 am


You would not have been able to ask your question.

PTH doesn’t take random questions from the public!

#4 Erica on 10.07.19 at 10:14 am

And therein lies the problem, l3wis. Instead of trying to make it sound like there is a shortage, which is very disengenious as many people are looking for work, they need to start naming these companies who are having a hard time finding employees and what roles not being filled there.

What about on the job training/apprenticeships? Post graduate degrees? Paid or unpaid inteenships? Mentoring programs (and not just for high school students)? Do they provide training for internal employees to move up or to move lateral? Events where hiring managers themselves offer classes on what it is they are REALLY looking for in resumes THEY see and building some kind of relationship with job seekers so maybe mutual benefits can be found? Any recruiters thinking outside the box, if resume isnt 100% match that they arent writing off what could be good candidates?

The problem cant always be put on those outside the company and I think some of these companies may want to look internally and ask themselves why it really is they can not find hires for their roles. Hiring is a two way street and as much as they are writing off potential employees they are being written off as well due to current hiring practices, feedback from employees who have worked there, etc.