The lack of transparency creates mistrust in police

So there was an officer involved shooting last night, but little details;

The suspect in that call was believed to be armed in the 3600 block of North 6th Avenue.

Police don’t know how many shots were fired at this time.

The suspect is in the hospital and his condition is unknown at this time.

What kind of weapon was he carrying? A gun? A knife? A baseball bat?

The officer doesn’t know how to count bullets in his clip?

You mean the hospital isn’t telling the investigating officer/supervisor the condition of the suspect?

Yeah . . . right.

If the SFPD would be more transparent about their business, people would trust them more. There is absolutely NO reason why the police cannot answer those very simple questions above, and since the suspect is in custody, there is really NO reason to keep them a secret. It will be interesting to hear what information they give us at the police briefing.


#1 Scott on 10.07.19 at 7:52 am

I wholeheartedly agree. Controlled information release is what I call it.

#2 kurtz on 10.07.19 at 9:02 am

Cops’ lives suck. Little wonder they abuse their families, alcohol, drugs, food, power, detainees and occasionally murder their wives.

#3 The Guy From Guernsey on 10.07.19 at 12:23 pm

… less than 12 hours after an incident on a Sunday night?
I see nothing untoward about this at this point.
The officer can likely count shells in a clip (afterall Clint Eastwood’s fictional movie persona proved police officers are better at counting shots than are perps). However, the officer is obliged to cooperate with a comprehensive (and patient) investigation – not run to the local media with the information.
I remember the Tuthill ghost and am also no big fan of SD DCI, but the premise that a complete account of this incident is available within 12 hours in not a reasonable expectation.

#4 D@ily Spin on 10.07.19 at 1:02 pm

This is but another reason why police should have body cameras. It would be evidence that’s positive proof. Instead there will be a lengthy and expensive investigation without a definitive conclusion. One would think an honest professional cop would want an immediate record to justify his actions. Without body cameras, one and the courts must assume all cops are rogue who must prove their actions with hearsay.

#5 "Very Stable Genius" on 10.07.19 at 10:38 pm

Perhaps, the Tuthill ghost has finally been hospitalized and contained. Plus, ghostly qualities I would think would make a medical prognosis rather hard, wouldn’t you think?