5G is faster, if you have the right phone, software and are standing on top of the 5G antenna


#1 D@ily Spin on 11.12.19 at 5:16 pm

5G doesn’t ‘see’ through denser obstructions like buildings. It’s being marketed here because farm state consumers are naive enough to buy into it. Actually, carriers signing up subscribers here subsidizes the build out nationwide. Our congressmen get political contributions for promoting something useless. If you buy this, you also bought a service contract on your neighbors toaster.

#2 "Very Stable Genius" on 11.13.19 at 3:53 pm

This sounds oddly like the railroad yard deal…..

“The area will be redeveloped with train cars gone except for one line and street congestion due to the trains will be eliminated because of that, except for that one line, as well as the movement of switching to a new part of the track, which will cause traffic congestion on an other street instead, so as to enhance traffic flow through the current street that cuts through the ‘New Development’ area as long as there is not a train going through that are, that is.”

( – and Woodstock adds: “Huh?”)