City of Sioux Falls proposing public incentives before development is even built

Wow! This is a crazy first. The city of Sioux Falls wants to spend up to $10 million dollars of public money on the River Greenway expansion to make a development more attractive that hasn’t even been built yet;

Phase three would see the trail system extended between the upper falls at Falls Park to Kiwanis Park, which sits between Sioux Steel and the river.

Shouldn’t we wait to see the final plans of the Sioux Steel Development before we start building this? And if the city has already seen these plans, why are they NOT being shared with the public before we are asked to borrow the money? I may not be opposed if I could see the plans.

A link to the presentation.

This developer welfare is getting old and tiresome, it gets even more worrisome when it is done in secret.


#1 Plausible Deniability on 11.06.19 at 9:06 am

The Bunker Ramp debacle ought to be plenty of evidence the “visionaries” are waaaay too far over their ski tips. $10m to develop an area continuously smothered in the fetid stench of Smithfield/Morrell’s. Talk about putting the cart before the (butchered) horse.

#2 D@ily Spin on 11.06.19 at 9:28 am

There’s homeless and free cheese, why not 10 million for a dimension that doesn’t exist. Sioux Falls needs Ghost Hunters. Police found Aliens in a park. We can’t discriminate against Spirits because we already paint JESUS on snowplows.

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