At first glance, I would say, PLLLEEEESSSSE! You can’t go nowhere without people telling you how awesome she is. I’m on the middle-aged guy fence.

But the rumor mill is she is going to run for the job, and Aaron ‘Goo’ McGowan is not.

My sources are separate and not from the same ‘team’.

One tells me that Kasey will run. The other tells me that Aaron is out.

Honestly, not sure who would want the job, and even if I would run, I might get it.

Will be interesting to watch.

UPDATE: I have been hearing since this post that Olivier does want to run for public office again, and I encourage her to do so, she would be excellent at it. I’m just not sure what that will be at this point. I have also heard it is NOT the state legislature.

8 Thoughts on “UPDATE: Is Kasey Olivier going to be our next Minnehaha County States Attorney?

  1. "Very Stable Genius" on November 9, 2019 at 11:08 pm said:

    I heard she is not running for the state senate again because she started a new law firm with a partner, but then now she is going to run for an other office? Plus, her legal experience has been in civil and not criminal law.

    Like you said though, I don’t know who would really want the job……

    ( – and Woodstock adds: “Maybe McGowan should run for state chair.”)

  2. Kelby's Love Child Says on November 10, 2019 at 10:00 am said:

    From Kasey’s run for senate page – “Kasey met her husband, Ryan Olivier, in the spring of 2006. They married August 3, 2013. Ryan grew up in Sioux Falls and is employed with Sanford Health.”

    My dad Kelby could really use another pawn in local government so hopefully he funds Kasey’s efforts.

    I love you dad…please visit more often.

  3. Okay, who ate all of the potato chips? on November 10, 2019 at 10:59 am said:

    I still find it utterly amazing how many state’s attorneys in this state are Democrats, or how Democrats are often allowed to be state’s attorneys. In a Republican state like ours, wouldn’t you think this would be impossible? But then again, Republicans really don’t like government and they especially don’t like to accept the responsibility of governing. They would rather use government merely to profit from for them and their associates.

    ( – and Woodstock adds: “So you’re saying that storm recovery won’t get any better anytime soon, huh?”)

  4. I only count 10-11 democrat states attorneys… once again the whole state does NOT revolve around Sioux falls

  5. Potato chip connoisser on November 10, 2019 at 7:18 pm said:


    How many Democratic state legislators are there outside of District 15 and the reservations? The sixteen then becomes, what, 6? We haven’t elected a Democratic statewide candidate since ’08, yet, Democrats are allowed to serve as states attorneys with much more ease. It’s not a Sioux Falls box mentality. It’s just a fact.

  6. Potato chip,

    First the premise changed…I was talking about my disdain of just SF thought mentality…then you discounted and lumped in the reservations…I did not they are an important part of any Democratic strategy. Next, with 10 other states attorneys not in minnehaha they obviously can get elected at the local level as they are probably know in their communities.

    As far as statewide there needs to be an effort to retire the debt…then Then get voter registration gap narrowed..I don’t like open primaries no need to be a Democrat pride when you can be an independent for free…kind of like free riders with unions….

    Just my thoughts…good discussion…how would you improve things?

  7. Potato head, I mean chip on November 11, 2019 at 1:28 am said:


    I would close the primaries. Have a state chair who would also serve as Executive Director – for free – for six months. Obtain an agreement with the DNC to continue paying us the $ 10,000 per month – even though there would be no hired ED for six months – so we can use that $10,000 per month to pay off our debt, reestablish an office presence in Sioux Falls and use the remaining monies from the DNC and Founders’ Day monies to help finance the McGovern Day dinner and state convention.

    It’s important also, in addition to dealing with FEC issues, that the SDDP fill a full slate for 2020. I am talking Senate, House, PUC, and 105 legislative seats. It would be a great moral booster.

    Right now, Randy is doing a great job in stabilizing the situation, but we already blew $20,000 for an ED for just two months of work, which resulted in a resignation. Let’s postpone that expenditure for now and use all of the funds potentially available to further stabilize this situation.

    Plus, with the current $30,000 of debt, can’t Tom, Tim, Stephanie, and Billie each find $7500 for us?

  8. anominous on November 11, 2019 at 9:45 am said:

    kristy noem cant get a sioux falls jerry to go after her Enemy of the State: hempers. that is one big problem in SD, u would probly get one if u took the whole staff of dakota auto parts who are all angry old squeaky voice gun nuts

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