Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Dec 2-4, 2019

Audit Committee Meeting • 4 PM • Monday, Dec 2

They are planning to play a little catchup by planning on doing 12 audits in 2020. Two audits are follow-ups and four are carry-overs.

External Audit Discussion

Landfill Licensing Audit

City Council Informational • 4 PM • Tuesday, Dec 3

Events Center Campus Study Report

Presentation on the transit situation. I have not got an update on what happened at the meeting on Monday, but I hear they have been having troubles getting a contract with a technology contractor.

City Council Regular Meeting • 7 PM • Tuesday, Dec 3

Item #7, Approval of Contracts, another $700K to Pavilion. This place is constantly bleeding money. I heard recently one of the main reasons they have been able to break attendance records is because they would put on a frequent FREE event at the arts center. Imagine that, letting people in for FREE would increase attendance. Who knew? Maybe they should try that – wait.

Item #29, Deferred license for C-Store by Dudley House. I’m not sure how this will go. You know my feelings, we should not have allowed the shelter to be built at that location.

Item #36, Williquors is applying for a a delivery license. I wonder if other liquor stores have this? For instance, when you order grocery delivery from Hy-Vee can you get a bottle to?

Items #45-47, 2nd Reading, Ordinance. This is the Railyard Flats purchase. I find it interesting that the name of the developer and the project has been left off the agenda description. Why?!

Item #50, 1st Reading, Ordinance. Here we go, the first of a series of bonds for the water reclamation plant upgrades. Isn’t it fun watching the city borrow millions of dollars, it gives me kind of a tingly warm feeling inside. NOT!

Item #51, 1st Reading, Ordinance. Here we go with farting around with our old skool system of liquor licensing. Even with a reduced price, it really still leaves no room for family businesses to compete. It think the city should take a more proactive approach and lobby the legislature to change the system, and the Lincoln and Minnehaha County Commissions should jump on board to.

Item #57, City will approve a preliminary plan for Sanford Sports Complex expansion. I wonder if they want to put up any more nets?

Item #58, Annexation agreement. I find it a little ironic that the city would choose to make this the last agenda item on a very long meeting. Remember when they wanted to shove public input to the end of the meetings because ‘business’ needed to be taken care of with ‘business’ first? Funny how these things work.

Planning Commission Meeting • 6 PM • Wednesday, Dec 4

Item #5-A, Planning commission is recommending denial. Not sure what is going on.


#1 Jon on 11.30.19 at 9:10 pm

HyVee grocery delivery does not delivery wine or liquor yet. A store employee told me they are going to be doing it soon though.

#2 WE'RE ON IT! on 12.01.19 at 1:11 am

Will this be known as “On-Demand Bottle?”

If you think about it. Increasingly, our entire local economic development plan evolves around alcohol and the consumption of it.

The local news channels love to talk about the newest brew pub opening.

What would downtown be without open air drinking?

If this town could walk, it would stagger.

Yet, we wonder why our jails are full and our bellies are fat.

Alcohol has become the “opium of the masses” so as to make many forget about the low wages, the expensive housing, and the increasing crime rates in this town.

Eventually, we will all be too fat to leave our homes because of alcohol and totally dependent upon “On-Demand” drinking, too; but then what will happen to downtown and what will the reporters report?

#3 "Very Stable Genius" on 12.02.19 at 1:52 pm

***** NON GERMANE ALERT!!!! *****

Why in the hell aren’t the residential streets plowed and sanded. I noticed the downtown streets are fine.

What are our tax dollars for?

We use to have snow alert signs, which spoke of a snowfall over 2 inches. Whatever happen to the 2 inch standard for plowing?

We don’t need TIFs, indoor aquatic centers, or poorly sided Events Centers. What we need are plowed streets, which are also sanded!!

When is city government going to be for the people again, rather than for just the few?

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