So the CC picks their boogers and wonders why Pammy can’t give them something (they should have asked for) but they don’t question the State’s Attorney about why he doesn’t prosecute cases? Then CC Barth said this;

“It’ll make a difference for me,” he said. “I’m not inclined to subsidize inaction. I’m also thinking about the issues that were touched on in the attorney general’s investigation. His lack of openness toward the issue makes it so he should consider not running. If you’re going to live in the political eye, you don’t live under a blanket.”

Many people have reached out to me about this. They have all said the same, “Should the County Commission have known this was going on?” apparently not. It reminds of when the Sioux Empire Fair lady was taking money. We pay county commissioners to be the checks and balances against this kind of corruption yet they don’t say anything until it explodes in their faces. Fraud. Financials. Addiction issues. Then they bitch, and scold, and have temper tantrums. You are asked by citizens to watch this stuff, and when the toilet overflows you blame the turd instead of blaming the crap you ate last night. Pay attention already! It is your job, it is your ONLY job! Represent us! Dig hard! And hold people accountable.

2 Thoughts on “While the Minnehaha County Commission cries about monthly financial reports they ignore justice

  1. Reliable Voter on November 23, 2019 at 3:33 pm said:

    The Commissioners are part-time but well paid officials with little understanding of the operations of the offices whose budgets they control. If they had a legitimate concern for transparency they wouldn’t meet at 9 AM. They aspire to inaction – the meetings are shorter. I would like to know if they initiated the action from the Gov and AG as a way to create an opportunity for making personnel/employment issues public while avoiding liability. Employees with substance abuse issue should be entitled to treatment and medical leave and elected officials can purchase insurance thru the county’s plan, but elected officials can’t be fired like other employees in an “at-will” State. You need them to be un-elected.

  2. "Very Stable Genius" on November 24, 2019 at 12:41 am said:

    What you have identified is one of the viruses of politics and government, which is the co-opting of individuals or leaders.

    Actually, this virus is found in all professions and why history is allowed to repeat itself with rebounding collapse.

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