Will Sioux Falls Mayor TenHaken and Council Chair Selberg recuse themselves next Tuesday?

Next week’s City Council meeting agenda item concerning the Canterbury – Paddington development is bringing up ethical concerns. (Watch the fiery exchange at the last planning meeting, items 5B-C). The adjacent property owners wondered why the planning department and planning commission ignores it’s own ordinances. The short answer; MONEY & GREED. The only reason the SFPC gave (and their typical answer when big money development rolls up to the podium at these meetings) is they own the land they can do what they want to. Sounds great, I think I will get started on my nuclear reactor in my backyard this summer – neighbors be damned. But make sure you put up a sign warning about bees in your yard! You know, those naturally occurring insects that provide life giving pollination.

It appears there will at least two conflict of interest issues which might be raised and at least two recusals may likely be needed.

Mayor TenHaken’s Next Generation Leadership PAC has Joel Dykstra involved in the management of the campaign / PAC organization. Joel will be asking for a RE-ZONE and PRELIMINARY SUBDIVISION PLAN approval from the city council after the Planning Commission already approved it.

Councilor Selberg works for Van Buskirk Companies. The company was involved turning this development into a cluster to begin with by not finishing a promised road in the beginning of this development.

As we research more business connections, we see potential conflicts and believe full disclosures with recusals are required. Hopefully Marsh and Pauly will be recusing themselves next Tuesday on this item. If they don’t there could be legal and ethical ramifications from the adjacent property owners. We will see if they do the right thing.


#1 matt johnson on 12.12.19 at 6:37 am

To be fair to Van Buskirk – and I think they are lying scum- they did not start the Canterbury development. They came in about eight years after the start and have continued to ignore the rights of neighbors for all of that time.

#2 "Woodstock" on 12.14.19 at 2:43 pm

“Is it just me, or does this all sound like the ‘The Canterbury Tales?'”…..”(“Oh, that was so BARD of me, I mean Chaucer, I think?”)”

#3 'Village On The River' Idiot on 12.15.19 at 3:47 pm

What does “recuse” mean? Is that when you leave a room to go the bathroom?…. Oh no, I think it means when you leave the room to post something on social media, right?

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