Minnehaha State’s Attorney race; battle of the city attorneys

Paul Bengford already announced. Now his co-worker, Daniel Haggar has announced;

Daniel currently serves as an Assistant City Attorney in Sioux Falls, managing the Human Relations Division and serving as the city’s ADA Coordinator.

I don’t know Daniel personally, but if the name sounds familiar, it should. Daniel is the Son and Brother of former legislators Don and Jenna Haggar. I’m not sure if Daniel shares the same political views of his father and sister, but if he does we should be very worried about him as a State’s Attorney.

Daniel Haggar replaced Colleen Moran who was mysteriously ‘dismissed’ from the city attorney’s office. Nobody knows if she resigned or was terminated by TenHaken, but we have our guesses.

Hopefully someone else will get into this race, because as of right now, it looks dire. The Minnehaha County Commission is set to appoint a permanent replacement of Aaron McGowan soon. There have been several applicants including Paul Bengford and interim State’s Attorney Crystal Johnson.

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#1 Jean Claude on 01.06.20 at 8:51 pm

If Haggar wins, I wonder if he will ever file for search warrants to check peoples’ basements looking for legislators, who are living in an other legislative district? …. #Jenna

Something tells me that it won’t be long before we will actually be missing McGowan, if the next long term state’s attorney goes right on us in priorities and actions, that is.