New Sioux Falls Art Org?

Well, kind of, part of another one, but I like the direction, and there are some very good people behind it.

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#1 Dribblings from a cold day on 01.16.20 at 5:05 pm

The picture I paint causes me to miss the days, when a guy could go downtown to Newberry’s without stumbling into an art form, or having a Pave patron stumble into you.

Those were the days when city hall was city hall and the administration building was the Pomp Room, and a library parking lot was one of Charlies places, if you know what I mean.

It was a time, when a naked David was an issue and a couple of Arcs were an arch on South Indiana Avenue. It was also a time when you hid a Tif from your wife and not your fellow taxpayers. When real men wore ties and we were proud of our trains, and the seven depots, too. Then, Dedrick was the “Storm Center” before a captain became a caribou, and people then rode the bus without a call, and the State Theatre was open to all.

But those days are now gone and have been replaced with expressions of the past through art, before our minds can erase them at last, and then past a fxxx…..