UPDATE: Mayor TenHaken claims he has an executive order that violates the 1st Amendment AND the city charter

In a very strange exchange tonight at the city council meeting, Mayor Selfie made an astonishing admission. During the public input for the proposed campaign finance ordinance, David Zokaites mentions at the end of his testimony that Paul said last week from the dais that he was running for re-election, so David said ‘He’s got competition – me!’.

Paul got irritated and told David, ‘I would remind you David Z based on that you are not to use the dais per executive order to promote your candidacy, so this will be the last time you will be able to mention that, from the podium.’

David quickly snipes back, ‘That goes for both of us.’ and PTH says, ‘I don’t speak from THAT podium. That’s just a reminder of that executive order and thank you for adhering to those rules of this chamber.’

Wow! What arrogance! First off, people have been making those kind of pronouncements from that podium for years. Why? Because they can. I actually think it is hilarious that Paul thinks he can write an executive order (and not tell anyone about it until tonight) that is unconstitutional. No mayor in any city in this country can override the 1st Amendment and the US Constitution. It only proves how thick and petty Paul is. The rules for announcements applies to city officials from the dais because they are using their government position (and ultimately our money) to promote themselves. Any candidate that is currently not serving on the city council can say anything about their candidacy from the public input podium. Also, the city council controls their chamber, NOT the mayor. He cannot write an executive order about how the council runs their meetings, that is a violation of the charter, even though I’m more worried about the constitutional violation.

Never thought I would see a mayor in Sioux Falls admit to violating the US Constitution and City Charter at a public meeting. Ellis is right, it’s amateur hour at city hall.


#1 Steve on 02.03.20 at 10:14 pm

This Mayor proves once again that he doesn’t like to be challenged and that he doesn’t like it in the public eye. I’ll agree with you about his arrogance. Also, what’s with that mohawk haircut?

#2 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 02.03.20 at 11:33 pm

This is all symptomatic of a guy who uses computers to control things. He regulates his FB comments, he controls the dais, known to dox, and next he’ll reach beyond the red line, you just wait. And TJ is merely his Mini-Me without the corresponding mohawk haircut, in order, to trick us all.

But on a more serious note, this dais ruling sounds more like Huether. Perhaps, Mike left a book, ‘Mayorship 4 Dummies,’ in the bottom drawer of the mayors desk.

#3 Erica on 02.04.20 at 12:32 am

I can not wait to right my wrong for voting for PTH and to vote for someone else. He is a bad actor & nwo shill.

#4 rufusx on 02.04.20 at 9:30 am

Does the city allow access to its web site from foreign countries yet? Guess I’ll find out next week.

#5 Conservative Here on 02.04.20 at 10:04 am

Erica – I am in the same boat as you, sad I cast my vote for him

What I don’t get is WHY would he even make that comment to someone like David Z, that guy is a touch off and is NOT going to come close to challenging anyone for Mayor (the zombie video he did is a disqualifier alone). If I am sitting in PTH’s spot I would probably tune out everything that guy says along with a few other select crack pots that show up each week and run off at the mouth about a whole host of crazy issues, many of them don’t even sound lucid. If you have ever gone or watched a council meeting you will know who I am talking about as some of these regulars are off their rockers. The last meeting I went to I was a bit concerned that a few of the “unhinged” were going to go berserk and I was looking around to get a good glimpse of all the exits in case one of these folks goes postal.

#6 Jon on 02.04.20 at 4:41 pm

I’m with you Erica. My wife and I deeply regret voting for this arrogant fool. Never again will I just blindly vote based upon party in a local election. This guy is just plain awful at every turn. He is the opposite of everything I stand for at this point.

#7 scott on 02.04.20 at 5:18 pm

is this executive order, and others, published anywhere?

#8 l3wis on 02.04.20 at 6:16 pm

scott, stay tuned, some foot soldiers researched the order today and we have a very special post coming soon.

#9 l3wis on 02.04.20 at 6:17 pm

Teaser alert; PTH was blowing smoke.

#10 D@ily Spin on 02.04.20 at 8:45 pm

The mayor has realized he is absolute power with the present unconstitutional charter. Took him awhile. Huether started playing dictator immediately. Now we’re in trouble. Especially David Z. Huether used mayor for false charges and arrests. It takes years and $40k in legal expenses to clear your name. You can’t win against city government. Even if you’re innocent. At least this isn’t Saddam’s Iraq. Then/there your name is called, you’re escorted out of the arena, and before a firing squad.

#11 Erica on 02.04.20 at 11:00 pm

l3wis, surprise surprise.
2 more yrs with PTH. Going to be a long 2yrs….

#12 Erica on 02.04.20 at 11:19 pm

I also want to thank Sierra for all her hard work on keeping up w/ the human trafficking and prostitution going on in the city and staying on top of those who SHOULD be investigating the matter, prosecuting those involved, saving the victims, and getting this horrible crime out of our city & state.

#13 Mike Lee Zitterich on 02.06.20 at 8:53 pm

Honestly, I really do NOT see the mayor as being overly aggressive at all. I feel he has done a fair job as mayor. Whether or not you agree or you disagree with your Governor, Mayor, State Legislators, City Councilors, I think everyone tries to place the best interest of the PEOPLE first and foremost.

Paul TenHaken is by far NOT the worst mayor a city has ever had. I feel he is in fact transparent with his ideals, his values, his agenda as he can be. Can he be more transparent, well … there is always room for more transparency.

As I read these posts whether here, or on Facebook on a daily basis, I find it that a lot of people will disagree with someone, then attack them rather than debate them, confront them, or attempt to conversate with them.

I did vote for TenHaken, and most likely will again. I do NOT see him as hard core statist, someone outwardly attempting to rob you of your rights.

The MAYOR does have right as per the charter to be part of the City Council, that is his dual role here. His main job during City Council Meetings is one of which he has to keep the ‘meeting’ on point, on topic, and in a respectful and diligent manner.

As for the Executive Order, I have not read it as of yet, nor did I feel the Mayor had any ill-intention in what he said. Was he wrong? Well, thats a topic for another day. As for using your First Amendment “right” to voice anything you want at the Podium, you do have that right. And instead of yelling at the Mayor, attacking the Mayor, nor Accusing him of any wrong doing, simply ‘educate him’ on what he can and cannot restrict at the podium. That is all we can ask for.

All this personal attacks, insults, and rebel rousing do nothing but cause hurt feelings, let alone they draw lines in the sand. Lets all remember to be respectful, regardless of which side of the fence we all sit on.

None of us will ever agree on every topic, none of us share the same morals, values, beliefs, agenda as the next guy. Take it from me, I have stated my views often, and many people disagree with me, but do I let that keep me from continuing to voicing myself.

I spoke in front of the Council for the first time back in December. I used it to talk “taxes” and to lobby to adjust our tax rates lower. I did not attack anyone, I remained positive, and I tried my best to stay on point, while at the same time being nervous. I perhaps will get better which each time. But I know I will not speak out as often as some do, I dont feel the need to, it does get repetitive and that sometimes loses its muster.

We also got to remember these Public Servants are human beings also, They have families, they have kids, they have feelings also. While I do not agree with all of the Councilors, I also respet them for taking the time to represent the people. IT cannot be an easy thing to do, they are always taking heat whether they vote in favor of your plan or against your plan. We got to be respectful at all costs.

The people do have the final power here, Every 2 years we go back to the voting booths to cast ballots to reaffirm, remove, or elect new representatives. But at the very least, be respetful please. Each of those Representatives represent a portion of “WE THE PEOPLE” and the people deserve to be respected. The same goes for the MAYOR – he was voted on by the people, not once, but also in a run off election. That confirmed that the majority of citizens support him.

As we make our public statements, we need to learn to be respectful, honest, and approachable, but we need to remember, we are all HUMAN, and there is NO perfect person.

Lets keep our dialogue respectful, we can agree to disagree, but only “Statesman” rise to the top.

Mike Zitterich
Sioux Falls
N.W District