We have to find the oranges


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.01.20 at 4:23 pm


And here is what we can do in South Dakota as Democrats to begin with:

1. Stop running Republicans for Lt. Governor.

2. Stop running as a Republican and then claiming you are a Democrat.

3. Stop attending Republican Senate candidacy announcements, while you are Democratic leader in the state.

4. Stop trying to run Republicans for the state legislature as Democrats…. (Wait until you see the 2020 candidacy list.)

5. Stop “Liking” Republican stuff on Facebook.

6. Stop setting up state PACs, as Democratic leaders, where you then donate almost all of your PAC money to “Moderate Republicans.”

7. Stop legitimizing Republican talking points like workforce development bullshit.

8. Stop raising the sales tax on the working poor.

9. Stop sending postcards out as Democratic candidates, where you tell the voters to vote for you and one of the Republican candidates in the same race as some kind of bi-partisan bullshit theme.

10. Stop hiring the child of a former Republican strategists, who was responsible for helping to Defeat McGovern in ’80, as a state party employee, then watch him and others help destroy the McGovern Day dinner.

11. Stop having Democrats go on tv to talk about how they live with Republicans in Pierre in an air of bi-partisanship, while one of the Republicans is currently a Republican candidate for the US Senate, who, if elected to the US Senate, would support Trumps Supreme Court nominees, or oppose a Democratic president’s nominees.

12. Stop holding a rally, as the Democratic nominee for statewide office in this state, where your signage at that events says: “Qualifications First. Party Politics belong in the Backseat.”

13. Stop introducing legislation as Democrats, which would change the terms of state legislators from two to four years, and then have this legislation go into effect where legislators would only be elected in non presidential years, which are the hardest years for a Democratic legislative candidate to win… #WhatABunch OfDumbasses

14. Stop legitimizing “Democratic Leaders” in the state who are anti-choice, pro-gun, and claim that being a Christian is a political qualifier to get elected.

15. Stop proclaiming as “Democratic Leaders” in the state that you are pro-choice, when you then hold fundraisers for anti-choice Democrats.

16. Stop allowing Independents to vote in our Democratic Party primaries. Allowing Independents to vote in Democratic primaries in this state makes our party nothing but a bunch of Minnesota Republicans.

17. Stop having “Democratic Leaders” recruit Republicans, too, for Republican candidacies, which is a clear conflict of interest.

Sadly, everything mentioned above is true. And until all of this changes, the SDDP is a sad joke!

#2 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.01.20 at 4:38 pm

Oh, one more. I recently heard a Democratic legislator take pride in the fact that Democrats in Pierre have a higher ranking by the Chamber, then some Republicans.

Apparently, it is because the Chamber and the Democrats are on the same side, when it comes to their overall opposition to some of the whacko bills that some Republicans introduce on social issues. But seriously folks, Democrats should quietly work with the Chamber to destroy those bills, but they should never publicly legitimize the Chamber, which is the most anti-worker organization ever created. Such an attempt to belong demonstrates the inferiority complex that some Democrats have in this state and why often our leadership is truly lacking.

#3 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.01.20 at 4:45 pm

I am sorry, one more. If you are a Democratic leader in the state, and hold party office, why did you receive money from a then sitting Republican governor, for your Democratic candidacy? #2018