Misinformation Campaign about Stehly has begun

I told Theresa that I didn’t think it would start until Monday, but today as I was perusing the SD blogosphere, a blogger that lives 40 minutes to the North of us (who seems to be suddenly into Sioux Falls politics) kicked off the misinformation campaign early.

He questioned why Theresa didn’t have any donations or expenditures listed on her latest campaign report, referring to her last newsletter and robocall.

Well, simple answer, Theresa didn’t file her statement of organization (announcement of candidacy) until this past Friday. Any expenditures out of her pocket don’t apply to her candidacy, and she didn’t raise money for her campaign, because the campaign didn’t begin until Friday.

In other words, when you fill out a campaign finance report for your candidacy, it has to be for the time you are an announced candidate (that time folks has been about 2 1/2 days).

You would think a former South Dakota SOS employee would know that . . . wait, he quit in disgrace due to extreme lack of ethics. But just for the record, ‘he didn’t break the law or steal anything’. LOL.

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#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 03.01.20 at 10:32 pm

Does Alex!’s campaign report make any references to the money that First Premier spent placing him conveniently into their commercials for the past few months?

I noticed, that just recently, however, his cameo appearances have disappeared from these commercials…. #HowConvenient