Let’s turn on the Pandemic Friday ‘Heat’


#1 It's only been two years so far. on 04.17.20 at 11:32 pm

It all began a few years ago, before he entered politics, when during a local tv interview about social media and politics he suggested, with a smirk, that one should not mention their politics on line, especially if there a member of one particular party.

Then there was the scuffle involving a former state secretary of state, his assistant, doxing and server swapping.

Next, there was that candidacy, where he said there wasn’t much to do but keep the good times rolling in Sioux Falls.

But then next, we learned he had a “tool bag,” but was “refrained” from using it.

Then he won and so did taupe, and we got a pot hole app, a Bunker Ramp, dreams of on-demand busing, and we bought the State Theater instead of the farm, that was soon to come later, as the virus became viral.

Then the flooding, the three tornadoes, the disorganized recovery, and the “Red Line”.

After that, it was Chic-Fil-A with a developer chick, then a pandemic hit all of us like a lawsuit, and the world changed.

Through the pandemic, the former “smirk” became a “Red Mayor,” a hog plant was shut down, but not before first an art contest for kids and complaining that people were criticizing his cloths too much, and an attitude of don’t call me, if your employer is doing wrong. No wonder so many cases now.

But now we are the hot spot, we are ground zero, but decisive action has now become indecisive and a spat with a “Red Governor” seems to have settled down and overcame a short flirt, with a “Blue Media”.

Oh, and I forgot, through it all, it has been whiskers and sneakers, too. So good, that even a senior senator, his mentor, is now emulating, while a dead Festus and Otis look on, in total amazement.

#2 "Woodstock" on 04.18.20 at 11:11 am

“And to think that we have many more years of this nonsense to go, because he’s the next Thune”….

#3 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.18.20 at 2:03 pm

It just occurred to me, that Rona is Trump’s Iranian hostage crisis. Except that this time, all Americans are the hostages, Ted Koppel has been replaced by 24/7 news, Trump is a bizarre cross between a vacillating Carter and a dictatorial Ayatollah Khomeini, and those protesting stay-at-home orders are as crazed as the upset Iranian students back in the day.

The only difference is that working helicopters couldn’t help, and where are the Canadians this time?

Does this make Biden a Reagan, too? Biden is old, has run for president three times, maybe Bonzo has been replaced with greater gaffes, and Biden has been known to the public for some fifty years…. (“There you go again….”)

But what I can’t figure out is: Who is Cyrus Vance this time? Who’s resigning enough, other than those governors dumb enough to lift an order?

#4 Celtic 6 on 04.18.20 at 3:07 pm

This mayor behaves a lot like Thune photo op. well maybe we could say all show no go.But I am worried about you.

#5 LJL on 04.18.20 at 3:43 pm

In our state, over 1500 cases, 54 in the hospital and 8 deaths and these numbers DO NOT include those who are affected but show no symptoms, which many random tests show about 30% of the public.

I sympathize those who have lost loved ones but this is about the same percentages killed and hospitalized by auto accidents.

Remember the CDC said if we did nothing about 2 million would have died. 2 million die each year in auto accidents each year. Whats different is that driving kills many more young people than Covid.


New York:

I agree mandating social distancing to slow the spread and over run the hospitals is useful. If you think we can hide until a vaccine is ready your wrong and we will be destroying the country for our children.

It’s proven that driving creates the same risk, so don’t give us some bullshit about stepping over bodies to make money unless your willing to cut up your drivers license.

This has tuned out to be a pandemic of fear created by our economic enemy and we should be ashamed of ourselves!