Hearing of the rise in COVID-19 cases in South Dakota, an international business contact of SD Rep Michael Saba (Dist. 9) sent a supply of face masks so Saba could distribute them to people who badly need them in District 9. Rep. Saba has distributed several hundred of the facemask donation around the District 9 region of rural Minnehaha County and the towns of Sioux Falls, Hartford, Humboldt and Crooks as requested, to people who particularly need them.

“This generous donation was unexpected and greatly appreciated at a time of personal protective equipment shortage” said Saba, “I still have facemasks available to distribute to organizations who are struggling to protect their volunteers.”

The donation to Representative Michael Saba came as a response to the assistance he has shown in bringing international trade delegations and various international trade opportunities for South Dakota.

“We are all in this fight for our health and well-being” Saba added, “the international trade group donating the 1000 hospital quality facemasks believe in the people of South Dakota. We are one big world.”

Saba has so far distributed them into Sioux Falls to the Urban Indian Center and to the immigrants primarily who worked for Smithfield who are without face masks. He has also donated them to meals on wheels groups that are getting food to elderly and disabled people and will continue  to donate them and to put together packages of face masks for other people in need as the supply remains. Rep. Saba also distributed them to various churches who do community outreach in our District 9 region.

More information can be obtained on how to reserve some of the remaining free facemasks from Representative Saba, contact him at his office phone number 605-526-5000 or his email

One Thought on “SD State Rep. Michael SABA Face Mask Donation

  1. A "Blue Commentator" on April 15, 2020 at 10:31 pm said:

    This might be a good time for Noem to fire up Saba’s International import/export office in the Governor’s wing of the capitol. I suggest we try to move the excess pork first. I just hope Saba’s Egyptian friends don’t get too offended, however.

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