This is what happens when you don’t have government transparency

As I warned, if you didn’t use city resources and had no transparency with the rental help program it could be misused;

“There is no specific agreement that the landlord signs,” said Janet Kittams, executive director of the 211 Helpline Center. “We’re taking it on a good faith commitment that when they receive that check for 70% of the rent that they will not evict that person.”

This is why it needs to be administered by city officials, so they can put in stipulations that evictions don’t occur. Non-Profits don’t have that authority;

Anderson said city officials told him the city doesn’t have the authority to stop evictions from happening based on South Dakota law, but he argued that because the city of Sioux Falls has a mandatory registry of rental properties, making it the sole authority over what “those licensees may or may not do with those licenses.” 

“I understand that there might not be any established legal precedent for what we’re asking, but we are living in unprecedented times,” he said. “I have no doubt that you all care for your fellow citizens, but I’m asking you tonight to turn that care into action.”

And once again, Stehly was justified in asking those questions;

Councilor Theresa Stehly pressed city staff on whether landlords were bound to play nice with their tenants if they received money through the One Sioux Falls Fund.

“I don’t know,” Sioux Falls Planning and Development Services Director Jeff Eckhoff said.

The program should have been administered through the planning office. But that is the least of the city’s problems.

This morning Mayor TenHaken said a major employer has become a hotspot. The guess by many and the media is Smithfield (who recently offered employees a $500 bonus for showing up to work over the next month). But our very transparent mayor didn’t want to share that information with the public. Later Noem admitted to it.


If there is a major outbreak of covid at a major employer, don’t you think for public safety we need to tell the public who it is?! I keep beating this drum, TRANSPARENCY DURING A TIME OF CRISIS IS CRITICAL! I don’t understand why PTH doesn’t get it. The public has a right to know what business this is, for our safety and wellbeing.

This is why a stay at home order for businesses that employ ten or more needed to be implemented a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m afraid it may be too late. The head doctor at Falls Community Health admitted today that since we didn’t have stay at home orders like many cities across the US our numbers will now spike, dramatically. She made this admission today at the health board meeting. An admission PTH failed to inform the public about this morning, and even telling Belfrage this morning that he ‘didn’t want to show modeling daily to the public, because it changes to much.’ I have argued what will get people to stay home is putting the fear of God in them by giving them the realistic projections, instead we have downplayed the pandemic and put on art contests to keep our minds off of the inevitable. Again, NO LEADERSHIP and NO TRANSPARENCY.

The meeting last night (above) wasn’t much better. Cameraman Bruce addressed transparency during a crisis (below-transcript at bottom of article), but it fell on deaf ears. And while Stehly offered amendments for the safety of employees, the RS5 once again said while it was a good idea, they couldn’t support it, because you know, it was Stehly’s idea. Councilor Neizert even commented that by voting against it, people will write bad things about them (the RS5) on social media. Yeah, because you need to stop listening to our moronic city attorney who doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground.

At public input, even a citizen pointed out that we have the legal rights to implement rules when it comes to stay at home orders and eviction stipulations.

Besides the lack of transparency and legal knowledge of what to do during a health emergency, it appears some on the council are also worried about their appearance. Put a trucker hat on it, maybe that will make you look better, but just like the bunker ramp, you can only get the sh*t so shiny when you polish a turd.

The RW3 (Right Way Three) the only ones ‘leading’ during this crisis.

Bruce’s input transcript; Democracy dies in darkness

Real leaders can take people into the darkness and find the light.

Democracy dies in darkness

Our elected leaders saying I “really didn’t sign up for this” is missing the point of leadership 101. There are no classes to teach imaginative leadership. It does not come from the Gallup Polling service. We have had many leaders who really didn’t understand what they got themselves into even prior to the drought, virus or tornadoes.

Democracy dies in darkness

Government positions are not to be treated as pedestals of success, a position of stature, or a line on their resume. We voters elected every one of you on this dais to lead us through the darkness by giving us disaster plans when times are good. We had boom times up until 2 months ago, why didn’t the RS5 and the plus one up in front of us have the disaster plans ready.

Democracy dies in darkness

The reason we question and then get derided by the RS5 members of this body is because we have been asking for preparedness and all we get are jabs, assaults, broken teeth, jail time and more.

Democracy dies in darkness

Last week, when I was finally able to log into the meetings held in this very room, I saw what could easily be prosecuted as criminal. This is not Soviet Russia or Red China, this body is a public government forum where our rights guarantee our leaders and the public the ability to ask questions. No matter how embarrassing it might be to those in power. To tell the members of this body they cannot ask questions before they vote is criminal. Councilor Starr did the right thing in attempting to adjourn the meeting.

Democracy dies in darkness

The reasons we ask embarrassing questions is because some of us have been lied to and jailed as a result of our questions. Just think the Midco Pool windows, HVAC failures in a building we didn’t need, a death caused by a failed parking ramp project, secret settlements for a lousy siding job and more. As said in the old movie “Don’t pee in my boot and tell me it’s raining.” We know the difference.

Democracy dies in darkness

Opening an official meeting of this city by calling it goat roping is insulting to the body and especially the voters who put you here. Also, hiding the city’s pressers, business and health discussions on a private membership, data harvesting service such as Facebook and not putting them on the taxpayer’s CityLink should be considered a crime.

Democracy dies in darkness

Now more than ever, the public needs a voice in this room because our city leadership has shown window shades are safer than open windows. This city government needs to empty their boots and get to work opening up the process to the public. It has come to the time after hearing the open discussion at today’s Informational, the public should be able to sign up to speak via their phones or computers. If you have to be here until midnight, we don’t care.

Democracy dies in darkness, this is a dark place.


#1 Celtic 6 on 04.08.20 at 7:24 pm

How many people are going to get sick because, you mayor 10 can not influence any one to shut down.I wonder if you have a conscience after what came out today.Your an embarrassmentto the city and the taxpayers.

#2 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.08.20 at 9:56 pm

70%? This 70% commitment reminds me of something I once read about Eugene McCarthy, who was asked what the difference was between a conservative and a liberal.
McCarthy claimed that a conservative intentionally throws a 60 foot rope to a person drowning in a 100 feet of water, with the conservative claiming that he met the victim more than half way, while a liberal would just throw a rope with a 100 feet of length.

#3 D@ily Spin on 04.09.20 at 9:31 am

Rent subsidy is designed to keep slum lords solvent. If you bankrupt they, new landlords will buy property at half price and charge half the rent. Let this happen. This is an opportunity for affordable housing. A majority not paying rent presents a litigation overload. One can live rent free for months until the sheriff has enough staff to have you evicted.

Yes, call it rent subsidy but give it to tenants without having to spend it on rent. They’ll use it with the federal $1200 to go on an alcohol/meth binge. Otherwise, dedicate the funds to the city. We need more empty high rise parking ramps.

#4 D@ily Spin on 04.09.20 at 9:41 am

These matters handle themselves. Rather than corruptly managing expenditure that further bankrupts the city, let it ride. During the dust bowl 1930’s, midwesterners migrated to California. Most eventually prospered. In this case move into Arkansas where virus numbers are low and Walmart is hiring.

#5 SouthernExposure on 04.09.20 at 10:56 am

The #CliqueReignGang gonna need more crony bucks for the Human Fund !

#6 NBCX on 04.09.20 at 5:04 pm

Watched that video, great job Bruce you schooled the mayor.

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