Military setting up drive thru testing facility

I guess the Military (National Guard?) has been setting up drive thru testing lanes in the parking lot at Washington HS. I wonder when the governor and mayor were going to tell us about this? Sanford has their testing setup at the Foundation House at the Sports Complex.

In an unrelated note I guess Sanford is also serious about building a 10,000 person capacity baseball stadium at the complex also. I noticed over the past couple of weeks they have finished a bunch of dirt work in the area and I believe seeded it with grass. I doubt they would start on it this summer.


#1 scott on 05.03.20 at 10:24 am

we got the following from the washington principal on friday.

Hello Washington High School Families –

We wanted to let you know that starting tomorrow, Saturday, May 2, 2020, you will see some activity in the main parking lot in front of Washington High School. The Sioux Falls School District is a partner in the City/County Emergency Operations Center and has been working hand-in-hand with the health department and first responders since before the first case of COVID-19 arrived in our community. Next week, the EOC needs space to conduct drive-through testing for the coronavirus. Washington’s parking lot is a convenient location and we are happy to offer the space for those in our community who need to be tested. Those being tested will stay in their cars and will not enter the building; however, we wanted to let you know what the increased activity is about.

Thanks for your ongoing support of Washington!

#2 MIA on 05.03.20 at 12:52 pm

Why is the public hearing about this on a local blog ?

The Mayor, the Director of Public Health and all eight members of the City Council were in the same room Friday, May 1st, for a special PUBLIC meeting.

Why was this NOT mentioned then!!!!!!

And, BTW, thank you South DaCola and the WHS parent for making the public aware of this.

#3 Viral paranoia on 05.03.20 at 1:25 pm

It looks like a scene from Red Dawn. Except this time, our president is cozy with the Russians. #CubansLikeBaseballToo #RedMayor

#4 anonymous on 05.03.20 at 2:51 pm

The National Guard is setting up tents for testing in the local high school’s parking lot

meanwhile, the Mayor and Council are promoting opening up all entertainment venues.

See something wrong with this picture!?

#5 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 05.03.20 at 3:35 pm

Generally, when you reopen the whorehouses, then more testing is necessary.