Sioux Falls City Council FAKE outrage over recount expenses

Funny how these things change in a matter of days. Last Wednesday night Alex Jensen and his Campaign Treasurer, Matt Paulson proclaimed if Alex would have lost by 110 votes, he would request a recount also. Heck, as I understand it, Alex already has an attorney hired to handle the recount. But now there seems to be some ‘Fake’ outrage from city councilors (mainly Erickson) that this is going to cost taxpayers money. Last I checked, that is usually the case, unless of course City Clerk Greco and Auditor Litz would like to volunteer their time for the recount? There will also be a judge and other city employees involved. But wouldn’t we be paying them anyway to show up to work?

It’s funny how all of sudden Erickson is a fiscal conservative when trying to save dollars on a recount but doesn’t blink an eye about the millions wasted on these projects that she proudly went along with;

State Theatre ($1.5 million)

EC Siding Siding ($1 million FAKE settlement – NO warranty)

Bunker Ramp ($26 million and counting)

Administration Building HVAC replacement

Ski Lift at Great Bear

New roof on Pavilion

As one my former co-workers used to say about my former boss, “He’s concerned about saving pennies while dollars are flying out the window.” Christine, take your fake fiscal outrage and shove it! Elections are important, especially recounts, this is not the time to worry about a couple of grand while millions are flying out the window due to your very bad decisions.


#1 Scott D Hudson on 06.10.20 at 8:18 pm

Those councilors not in favor of a recount for this reason should then sign a pledge that they will never ask for one in any election they’re in. And we know Erickson and the rest of the 5 (now 6) would be racing to make that filing.

#2 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.10.20 at 8:42 pm

Fake outrage from a fake. Total fake.

#3 Agitator on 06.10.20 at 8:45 pm

The banana shaped mouth of Erickson and the same of others involved should be run out of town! Greco is probable civil service but a new mayor should fire him for incompetence and let him appeal his way back while unemployed and not drawing a pay check. Maybe with luck he wouldn’t get his retirement. Could take a year or more to appeal. I wonder who would wipe his honey in that time frame?

#4 l3wis on 06.10.20 at 8:54 pm

Agitator, the Clerk works at the pleasure of the City Council not mayor and I have suggested to them several times he is NOT qualified and should be fired. He also already gets a military pension (he retired from the military before taking the clerk job). Yes, he is double dipping from taxpayers.

#5 "Very Stable Genius" on 06.10.20 at 9:01 pm

They’re just mad because even if they still win, what do they really have? They don’t have a commanding defeat of TS. They had to spend a +$85,000 for 110 votes, and what’s the difference between a RS5 and a RS6? TS will still have her soapbox, and given the continual majority on the council she’ll have plenty to talk about because you know there are more colossal mistakes to be made by this RS5/RS6. Thus, Alex!’s victory, if it holds, doesn’t offer much to those on the council who are beholden to the establishment of this town, so in the mean time, and mean it is, they just want to complain and try to make TS look bad due to their own bad or much less productive end game.

#6 Matthew Paulson on 06.10.20 at 9:24 pm

We don’t oppose a recount. We haven’t since election day (go back and look on Facebook if you want). It was a close election and we all want accurate results. If Ms. Stehly wants a recount, we will be more than happy to participate in the process.

I will note, however, that a recount is very unlikely to change the results of the election. The “other blog” noted in other recount races in our state that the vote total only ever moved by a couple of votes. Hard to see how the vote total swings 109 votes when all the ballots are counted by machine.

#7 "Very Stable Genius" on 06.10.20 at 9:40 pm

“Hard to see how the vote total swings 109 votes when all the ballots are counted by machine.”

Well, let’s see, there were over 1600 ballots that weren’t counted because they were classified as either an over or undervote. A closer look at those ballots could definitely change the outcome and that’s where the attorneys and the judge come into play.

Jensen’s numbers could actually increase with a recount after a thorough evaluation of the overs and unders. In 1978, Daschle won his first congressional race when the SD SOS at the time certified his victory with a 14 vote lead. After eight months in the courts, Daschle’s lead actually increased to a 128, I believe.

Plus, if you aren’t opposed to a recount, then why indict its efficacy in the same comment?

( and Woodstock adds: “Let’s see, where is my adding machine?”…. “Let’s see, $85,000 divided by 110 is….”…)

#8 D@ily Spin on 06.11.20 at 10:13 am

Erickson should pay for the recount. Lodging tax she’s dodged with AirBNB should cover it.

#9 Big D Boss on 06.11.20 at 12:56 pm

I’m a christian conservative republican and voted for Stehly. I was really put off by the Jensen campaign’s tone, snide remarks, underhanded tactics, and general attitude toward Theresa. Not to mention Jensen’s whole campaign was fluff. The lack of integrity of some of those behind his campaign is disturbing. Why can’t they stick to issues? I’d love to see the recount change the results in Theresa’s favor.

It’s hard to watch council meetings when Erickson opens her mouth, I just can’t take it anymore and change the channel

#10 Conservative Here on 06.12.20 at 10:10 am

I would be in favor of getting rid of ALL councilors and starting fresh. I wanted to TS to win but, I actually understand why the average voter went with Jensen. TS made too many unforced errors and picked too many hills to die on. I hope the recount goes in her favor but, I doubt it does, they usually never do. I too am tired of the “Faux Conservative” stance these RINO’s on the council take. Complaining about the cost of a recount YET had NO issue voting for all the worthless crap we really dont need. The 1.5 Million to a Private Organization like the State Theatre was just so far out of bounds its crazy. This is why I am in favor of limiting government period, its a bad model people, it really is. I doubt anyone on here would truly disagree with the fact that we have been very unhappy with our Government, local, state, and Federal for years now. We fight, we claw, we attack, and put each other down all over so many issues we really should not even need to discuss because WE have let government get too big and take over our lives. Everything the Govt touches turns to Sh!t and then we are at each others throats over it ever 2 to 4 years.

#11 Pundit on 06.13.20 at 12:42 pm

VSG: “Plus, if you aren’t opposed to a recount, then why indict its efficacy in the same comment?” Very astute, perceptive observation, VSG. The little worm Paulson can fool himself that he’s such a good, ethical little Christian – and also fool some of the sheeple in his Pied Piper tribe – but his words & actions betray his real nature & agenda.