Sioux Falls City Councilor Erickson lights the fake protest fire

It appears that Councilor Erickson is the one that sounded the alarm about the fake FB posts about the buses from Fargo. I will defend Christine on one point, if you see something, say something. This is a common theme when it comes to domestic violence. I will commend her on taking action. But my criticism is NOT in saying something, it is about going thru the proper channels. She should have quietly relayed this info to the SF Police Chief Matt Burns and Sheriff Milstead and let them take action. It is not the job of a city councilor to investigate threats. That is the job of law enforcement.


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 06.11.20 at 10:53 pm

What’s really scarier? A fake threat of a bus load of people coming from Fargo to riot, or a developer moving asbestos – without a permit – down Minnesota Avenue, then on to 41st St? And who was it, that gave that developer a second chance? #APunterNotAKicker

( and Woodstock adds: “Say, can you get cancer from a riot?”…. “What about if authorities use low flying aircraft to track cell phone activity after or during a riot, however?”…. )

#2 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.12.20 at 6:31 am

“I have been on the phone providing info to the AG, gov staff and Mayor/admin.”

Most would have contacted those law enforcement agencies which would directly engage with the protest (e.g. SFPD).
A self-important busy body like Christine Erickson needs to let everybody know that she picks her apples from a bit higher on the tree than the regular folk.

#3 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 06.12.20 at 12:25 pm

Freedom Riders rode buses, too. One must be careful to not be on the wrong side of history. Did Bo Connor ever wear heels like Giuliani once did? Heels and AirBNB could complement each other. And do they still sell pet rocks at the mall novelty gift shop? Buses from Fargo, it’s a line Dylan has never used and for good reason.

#4 Reliable Voter on 06.12.20 at 6:55 pm

Never before has yelling fire in a crowded theatre been so eloquently defended.

#5 "Very Stable Genius" on 06.12.20 at 10:09 pm

And the $1.5 million State Theatre at that, too.

#6 SouthernExposure on 06.13.20 at 12:33 am

It’s poor leadership. Similar how PTH called out the Gov. Ego over effectiveness.

#7 Pundit on 06.13.20 at 12:03 pm

The Guy From Guernsey: Perfect. Precious. You nailed it ! Described her modus operandi to a tee.

#8 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 06.14.20 at 1:43 am

Heels are worn for a reason. Maybe to pick higher apples. Careful though, Eve liked apples, too, but being naked for her made heels unnecessary.

#9 Three buses from Fargo on 06.14.20 at 2:55 am

Three buses from Fargo, that’s what they say.

Apparently, 29 has become 69 with a 49er pursuit.

Tantalizing, but not the real thing.

How will it be scored?

And has a hotdish ever been feared?

Oh, golly sakes, it might just be a Greyhound that’s bound.

Grandma might be onboard, don’t give her the COVID.

Some look for fear and make one into three.

Time will tell if the buses are coming, however, but like Simon once told Gus, just take it.

But how much more can we take?

Can a town that produced Bobby Vee and Maris really be feared?

Three buses from Fargo and an other black man dies.

#10 anominous on 06.14.20 at 9:44 pm

is she into Q-Anon or something.