Okay, I will admit, this is a little scary. Back when Kristi was just a state legislator from Castlegodknowswhere she posted this picture on her blog. Yes, Kristi had a blog. I think it was about 4-H (proud alumni myself) but I’m not sure.

It seems a lot of supposed tough guy leaders in our state are scared of the governor, and I am clueless why.

In fact, the first time I attempted to talk to our governor (and the first time I saw her in public) she ran like the wind at Pheasant Fest. Detroit Lewis seems to have that impression on girls . . .

There is NOTHING scary about Noem, in fact she is like a gentle seed falling from a Cottonwood tree, blowing away in the wind and turning into nothingness.

But Sioux Falls City Councilor Starr seems to think otherwise;

Tuesday morning on Facebook in response to a question about why a mask mandate isn’t taking place, Sioux Falls City Councilor Pat Starr wrote “we are scared of the governor.” This afternoon he told KELOLAND News stands by that and clarified that by “we” he means city government overall.

“I think there are a number of reasons that we have failed to act,” Starr said. “We have been waiting for leadership both at the state and the city level, and it’s not coming. and it’s time to no longer be scared, it’s time to take the action to mitigate the situation.”

Starr does support some kind of mask mandate.

“I think we’re scared of maybe offending not only our leadership, but we’re scared to offend a small portion of our community that’s not willing to act,” Starr said.

Like Patrick, I am not scared of Trump’s gold plated lap dog, Governor Noem, and you should not be either. Be nice. Be respectful and wear a mask. The Rodeo Snow Queen can’t stop you. And if you try to corner her she will run to the nearest trucker hat rack or FOX news studio to deflect.

By l3wis

16 thoughts on “I’m not scared of Governor Noem, why are our local leaders?”
  1. I remember the last time I talked to her in person she put her hand on my shoulder and gave it a good Biden squeeze. She looked like I slapped her when I said “don’t touch me”.

  2. I work with someone who used to know her personally, and he described her leadership style to me this way: If she’s dealing with direct subordinates who have no recourse, she usually yells at them until she gets what she wants. If a more nuanced approach is required, perhaps when dealing with someone who can’t be directly ordered around, everything is a veiled threat.

    Bearing that in mind, I have a couple guesses as to what she’s doing to keep the city leaders spooked, which are not mutually exclusive. One would be that she’s threatening to withhold some kind of state money (or maybe federal money, if she can do that) from the city. Two would be that she’s threatening to tell her donors not to give money to any elected city officials who don’t tow the line. Then again, it could be as simple as them just not wanting her to direct her social media followers’ aggrievement at them.

    Kudos to Pat Starr for speaking up! I hope he can persuade his colleagues on the council to follow suit, although judging by Selberg’s comment, I doubt that will happen.

  3. Cowgirls can be scary. They know how to use ropes. Their spurs are worst than Trump’s. Their ropers, though partially pink, are greater than your hind. They’ll tell you to “Don’t tread on me”, then they’ll turn around and drive a pick-up with big treads. Don’t be fooled by the plaid shirts and rocker jeans either. They’ll ride you like a cowgirl until you are all spent. So best go to the rodeo and just watch them buck. Because like all in power, they’ll eventually fall.

  4. She received her first training from the Democrats in the late 90s at a Daschle political retreat in the Hills.

    ( and Woodstock adds: “Say, come to think of it, wasn’t bin Laden first trained by the CIA, back in the 1980s, in the hills of Afghanistan?”…. )

  5. How come all you libitards are up in arms about wearing masks to protect old people, but are scared of a nice Catholic girl for Supreme Court cause ur afraid you won’t be allowed to keep killing babies?

  6. You are not afraid of the Governor, nor is Pat Starr, because neither of you fancy yourselves as members of the Kool Kids Social Club of Sioux Falls (aka the Society of Sioux Fallsians Registered as Republican). Neither of you are expecting political support for future political office from the party apparatus.
    PTH could have followed his inner instincts back in April. But then in order to seek higher office, PTH would need to move to Minnesota and be a Democrat, the latter of which would be a rather comfortable transition for him.

  7. The lede which is buried in the story which you link in your post is that Marshall Selberg speaks!
    Who knew?!?!

  8. It is intellectually dishonest for elected officials to say they don’t know what effect mitigation measures will have on infection rates.The CDC has guidance. Schools that require masks have less spread. Cities with low community spread can be models. The covid.cdc.gov site data for the last 7 days: SD has more confirmed cases – not adjusted for population but simply confirmed cases, than Massachusetts, New York City, Washington.
    The Governor and the Mayor chose to, literally, do the least they can do.

  9. I wear a mask to protect myself. If another wears one, there’s double safety. If you won’t wear one, stay away from me more than 6′. Why should wearing a mask be enforced? Expose yourself. When you die, there will be more vaccine and care for those who respect their life and the lives of other. It’s not about law, it’s about dumbass.

    Perhaps Starr realizes an ordinance (any ordinance) can’t be enforced in court. I harp on the judicial ordinance reading “Subject to Judicial Review” instead of “Subject to Appeal in Circuit Court”. City officials are afraid of higher government because a case in SD Supreme Court could force charter revision that respects constitutional appeals.

  10. Take it easy on Noem. There’s no perfect leader but she’s in the upper percentile relative to past governors. Indeed, she’s been a good stateswoman SD should be proud of. Try kindly critical for her. When Trump’s re-elected he’ll steer federal money this way because of her. I do not agree with most republican policy in this state but it seems important to accept circumstances another 4 years.

  11. Dear Mybodymychoice,

    First of all, thank you, based on your logic, for admitting that Noem is no longer pro-life.

    Secondly, why do you have a problem with the government telling people to wear masks, but not a problem with the government telling women what to do with their bodies?

    Could you say the opposite, too? No, wearing a mask protects others. Reproductive rights protect the person themself.

  12. Funny how after last week where the governor’s Senior Policy Director and Policy Advisor dissed KELO TV and Angela Kennecke, this week KELO accidently ran the Pat Starr interview (which started with they’re all scared of the governor statement) instead of another mundane COVID report…OOPS! (LMAF)

  13. Scared of Kristi Noem? Bahahahaha! Someone at some point in her life must have told her that she was some kind of special princess.

    Anyway, she has left us to fend for ourselves, she wants South Dakotans to take personal responsibility for our safety during the pandemic. I’d like Noem to take personal responsibility for her safety in the governor’s mansion and pay for the security wall/fence with her personal money.

    By the way, anyone know if she still drives? Or does someone do that for her so she doesn’t speed and break other traffic laws?

  14. “By the way, anyone know if she still drives? Or does someone do that for her so she doesn’t speed and break other traffic laws?”

    There is nothing scarier, or to fear, then a libertarian who practices scofflaw. Do they really believe in libertarian theory, or is it merely a thought of convenience for their spoiled ego?

  15. Yesterday – not long after I posted my comment – I received a robocall from Pat Starr. I don’t like robocalls but I appreciated what he said and the intent of his message: to make your vote count. Thank you, Mr. Starr! You have captured my attention.

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