Mayor TenHaken eliminates three city employee awards thru executive order

Guest Post by Bruce Danielson,

OK, we get it, the mayor who only cares about himself and his “peeps” has decided we should not continue decades old traditions and customs to help his peeps understand it’s not only about today but the long reach of history.

Paul has decided to eliminate historic city awards and replace them with his version of what these awards should look like.

History is messy and should it not be explained?

Anyone who was around in 1966 would grasp how traumatic it was to the town to have a mayor die in his office (he was popular and tried to move the town forward). The long and distinguished career of a civil servant (she was dedicated service to the people of the town) and then to consider how important it is to memorialize a civil servant’s dedication to keeping his/her workplace safe for each other and the community (this memory must be too painful for those who decided not to protect the Copper Lounge and the families involved with that disaster).


III. Program Design (page 3)

The Employee Recognition Program shall be divided into three categories: A) retirement awards and recognition, B) One Team, One Sioux Falls Award  V. L. Crusinberry Award, C) Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award, D) Excellence in Safety Award , E) miscellaneous recognition activities.

The mayor has decided his view of the town is the only version anyone should accept and promote. Does “One Team, One Sioux Falls” mean one church, One race, One sex or should we keep it simple and say, if you’re not Dutch, you’re not much?

Publisher’s Note; as I said in the previous post, I still have NO IDEA what ‘One Sioux Falls’ means? It just sounds very car salesman to me. Employees of the city don’t need to sell me anything, all I ask of them is to do their jobs correctly, safely and efficiently and in return they will receive a fair wage and benefits (some that are even better than the private sector).

I think if Paul would have added another award by executive action, that would be fine, but to eliminate some of them for his best city salesman of the year award is ludicrous.

He is the city manager and has the right to do this, but like trying to cut the municipal band funding, he looks like a total dolt.


#1 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 10.17.20 at 8:45 pm

‘One Sioux Falls’? Taupe is the color of choice.

#2 "Very Stable Genius" on 10.18.20 at 11:06 am

I am not kidding. Crusinberry was known to drive around town in a Rolls-Royce. At least that’s what my father told me, when I was a kid. Our current mayor? Well, tennie-runners.

With Crusinberry, we got McDonalds. With ThuneHaken? Well, a promised Chick-fil-A. Once Golden Arches and now an Arc of Dreams at best.

Oh, and the “One Sioux Falls” means, it’s not Burger King, because you can’t “… have it your way”.

Some would say our “culture” has improved, however, but personally I would take Mayor McCheese any day over getting the bird.

#3 D@ily Spin on 10.18.20 at 7:12 pm

Awards for what? Most sick days and coffee breaks!

#4 anominous on 10.20.20 at 1:54 am

“One Sioux Falls” sounds like it was cribbed from that “One America News Network”. Someone’s been watching too much russian op tv out in the garage maybe.