I guess not many people tell her NO. I have heard from legislators who have been in committee meetings with her that she doesn’t take the word lightly. While I am not one to defend the Argus editorial board that often (because most of the time they are day late and dollar short with their grievances) I do agree with them that you can’t just pull some mysterious anonymous doctor from your rear end and quote them in an op ed about a pandemic. If you want people to take your covid data and information seriously, it helps to actually quote REAL doctors and scientists, not ones that apparently your communications cry baby made up.

It’s called credibility and transparency.

If the doctors truly exist, and they may, it just further proves how professionals in this state never want to take a stand publicly, they always want to ‘hide’ which is no surprise because that is how SD GOP funds it’s PACS through secretive donors that have their LLC addresses at UPS Stores.

They truly are the party of Chickensh . . . .

As Maggie Seidel said, Noem’s (Mis)Communications peeps and supposed Senior Advisor & Policy Director, “Democracy dies in Darkness.” It certainly does Maggie, and from you stand, it is very, very dark.

By l3wis

13 thoughts on “Noem is crying because someone told her NO”
  1. Hell, according to a recent piece, Noem doesn’t even know that a mask is meant to protect others and not yourself.

    Noem’s warped understanding of liberty explains why many like her in the state see predatory behavior as merely the justified invisible hand of our capitalistic society.

    (and Woodstock adds: “That’s it”…. “Maybe Noem’s crowd thinks that the ‘invisible hand’ is protecting others, while the other hand, or hands are …. ” )

  2. I agree with the cone of silence and the monopoly the GOP has on the state. However the thought that masks work, or any public policy for a virus that has this level of IFR is just stupid.

  3. I can’t believe Noem hasn’t stopped the virus from spreading in South Dakota. I mean it is being stopped everywhere else in the world….oh wait, it hasn’t? What? But, but, but the Dems say that we can stop a VIRUS if we all just shut everything down, mask up, and stay home. It HAS to be true, the media even agrees with the Dems, and we all know the media NEVER takes their side.

  4. if u seen our #trumptrain drive down philips & ownin libs yestarday, u libs would unerstand its about freedom libs the freedom to try and hold my flag-stick up thru my old ladys sunroof l and drive at the same time plus its one vote per flag so i bought 6

  5. Libsrdumb,

    I guess you haven’t been to South Korea or Taiwan, have you? But you make a good point, that’s why state gun control doesn’t work. We need national leadership on some issues.

  6. You’re telling me South Korea and Taiwan have ZERO COVID cases? Wow, sure would like to see proof of that. And I have been to South Korea, damn “social” worker tried stealing my wallet!

  7. Libsrdumb,

    Empirical examples are never enough proof, when speaking of a “social” worker. S. Korea and Taiwan’s track record on COVID is far better than ours.

    If you were smart, you would use the affirmative defense that Taiwan is an island, but then again, that would cause a conservative like you to be forced to admit that Cuba, a socialized country with socialized medicine, also has a better track record than us. #NoemIsAFailure

  8. Why would I need to defend what I said with bringing up Taiwan being an island? Has not one thing to do with our Covid response. You do understand it is a Virus, and you can’t control a virus. You may have to get a Covid shot every year…if a vaccine works. That is as far as controlling it may go.

    Oh, GUn Controll is hitting what you aim at, not something you do to a free republic, comrade.

    Oh, I’ll admit that Communism would make it easier to control people, but thankfully, with people like Noem and your best president ever, Donald J Trump, we will NEVER be controlled like that.

  9. & our #trumptrain was close to 1000 people that had got what freedom was onboard. If u got the gas, onan in trucks is what we like to do &. its what we do best

  10. As far as the virus is concerned, it sounds like you are finally listening to Fauci, or at least his worst case scenario.

    Communism and a former KGB agent, what’s the difference? And who’s Trump’s best friend?

    Gun control? The NRA once worked with congress to outlaw machine guns. What happen?

    Trumpsters with trucks in parades are the people that the Shriners rejected, and thus, refused them access to the Masons funny little motorcycles.

  11. “This past weekend, I came across the Trumpian paraders and looked past their fat girlfriends and into the crazed eyes of the under-educated.”

  12. lolm not even done yet:
    here is that shriner group’s rickshaw out on a farm near Pierre:


    This account is from the hacked discord server of Identity Europa members. This nazi kid from Aberdeen who had the account somehow was working on an old El Riad rickshaw from Sioux Falls. Reading thru the whole thing was really fascinating. You will remember IE dropped leaflets in McKennan park too.

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