Mask Mandate Fails because the Sioux Falls City Council did it wrong, on both sides

I will tell you those who voted against, or for the mandate both got it wrong. I have argued the best way to face this is a trespassing issue which is covered by the US Constitution under property rights.

If a private business asks you to leave their property because you are not following their rules, they have the right to call the police and file charges against you for trespassing. You can be arrested and charged with a crime.

I have argued it is hard to regulate mask wearing in public places, because we own these spaces. But private property owners have the right to regulate folks on their properties, it is in the Constitution.

Just like someone doesn’t have the right to kick in your front door and enter your home, citizens don’t have the right to enter your private business and disregard the rules you set forth within your business.

While this failed, it really did not. I encourage all private business owners who support masks to call 911 when someone refuses to follow your rules on your private property and charge them with trespassing. You will send a clear message. You can’t kick in my front door and crap on my rug.


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 11.10.20 at 11:44 pm

I am sorry, but that Neitzert is a real weiner. He’s not sure about the science of masks, yet, he claims to be a analytical guy who studies things. Give me a break. Do you think doctors and nurses have been wearing masks for years just for fun?

And then ThuneHaken indicts the efficacy of masks, while he also supports their use. He claims a mask mandate doesn’t work because of Fargo – as an example – but if that’s true, then he’s admitting that Fargo has been successful with compliance, which is one of his concerns, yet, he still claims masks with a mandate can’t make a difference, but yet everyone should still wear them in his estimation. He’s a weiner, too, I guess.

Tonight on the council, Neitzert reminded me of The Beaver in that episode when he didn’t want to eat his Brussels sprouts, and ThuneHaken was like Wally putting up with Eddie Haskell. We know Eddie wouldn’t wear a mask. (What about Lumpy?)

( and Woodstock adds: “I love the logic that masks work as long as they are not mandated….” )

#2 anominous on 11.11.20 at 12:02 am

lol congrats mr. mayor, you can now look yourself in the mirror, and see… Tim Stenga staring right back at you. what a disaster.

#3 Mike Lee Zitterich on 11.11.20 at 2:11 am

I hope you heard my comments, cause I raised this very question. I highlighted the fact that City Ordinance Section 131 deals with this straight forward, and I recommend that instead of making a new ordinance, that we simply work with the MAYOR to give businesses all the tools necessary to create their own ‘private policies’ in their business. This key section also utilizes the 10.999 Penalty in order to enforce it, allowing businesses to ‘trespass’ anyone whom violates that policy, all of which the police issue lawful orders to vacate, the only difference is you allow the businesses to do it themselves. Together – with the Mayor managing Public Property instructing city employees to wear masks, while the Business Community establishes their own mask policies, ‘we’ then create a more unified city-wide policy. I asked the COUNCIL to meet with the Mayor to make this actually happen. I think the MAYOR would actually listen.
– Mike Zitterich

#4 do not listen to us on 11.11.20 at 10:51 am

Yes those four last night could have done a better job.The mayor gets on t v and wants mask worn then votes against the people.And I thought slick Mike was bad.

#5 Scott D Hudson on 11.11.20 at 12:12 pm

It’s so hard to be mayor when all you want to do is dress like a millennial trust fund baby (unlike those wannabe weed dirtbags) and make youth minister-ish videos for the city’s TV channel. I mean, who knew you had to also make tough decisions for the greater good of the citizenry? Especially with #cowpiebarbie in Pierre breathing down your neck.

#6 D@ily Spin on 11.11.20 at 3:40 pm

Wearing a mask is a courtesy that protects you and shows respect for others. Not wearing a mask is disrespectful. Rednecks in SD are stubborn. Enforcement would be hard. Treat those without masks as if they have BO or bad breath. We can be our own police.

#7 "Very Stable Genius" on 11.12.20 at 11:00 pm

I can’t wait to watch the squeamish interview with John King in the not too distant future. Will it be with or without AirPods? And will the red mayor call Joe: president-elect?