I warned about lack of plowing on residential streets

Well, if you think the residential streets are bad tonight, wait until the mess 24 hours from now.

I have been gradually seeing the past 3 years how the public works/street department in some weird effort to save money, has been neglecting to plow residential streets claiming ‘mother nature’ will do the job for them.

Sorry, that’s not the case in late December McFly.

Last Wednesday we had a blizzard that left about 3-4 inches and massive drifts on residential streets, none of it was plowed or removed. Yesterday we had another 2-3 inches added on top of that with little to no snow melt. The residential street I live on has well over 4 inches of half sloppy have compacted snow with several drift piles.

Oh, but it gets better, we are getting another 4-6 inches or more tomorrow on top of what is already making residential streets dangerous.

The main roads and emergency snow routes have been clean for a long time. Couldn’t the street department at least hit the troubled residential streets before we get hit in the morning?

I will remind people the main reason we pay taxes is for essential services, fire, police, street maintenance, you get the picture, unfortunately city hall thinks we need to save money on these things while we bail out non-profit private movie theaters, pay the salaries of management for closed entertainment facilities and give massive tax rebates to developers.

I’m still surprised I didn’t see volunteer church groups out scooping side streets yesterday. Don’t laugh, we are getting to that point with Prophet Stoneless running this city.


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 12.28.20 at 8:43 pm

City government is no longer for the people. It’s for the developers. We are led by arrogant and clueless brats.

Whatever happen to the 2 inches or more snow alert signs around town? Are they still there, or is their removal exhibit A of how our city leaders no longer care about snow removal and our fine citizens?

The city street cleaners finally came back this year with three appearances on my street in one year, because of this, I had hope for snow removal, too, but I was too hopeful.

Will we ever get back to pre-Huether standards?

#2 D@ily Spin on 12.29.20 at 9:12 am

Snow removal is hard to plan for. There’s a city budget deficit because of the pandemic. We should accept the usual service. Keeping the arterials open is critical. If you can get out of your neighborhood on packed snow, maybe it’s how it is this year. One city service we should respect is snow removal. They’ve not messed it up. It’s not wasted expenditure like for idle pleasure domes and vacant parking towers.

#3 Mike Lee Zitterich on 12.29.20 at 11:44 am

I knew this topic would come up very soon. And rightfully so, I was amazed at the fact we did NOT call a snow alert to remove snow off our roads last week. I knew with 4-8 inches of snow, I ahd to get all my cars off the street.

In fact, being in the automotive business, my dad owns a small repair shop, over the past 30 years of my life had been spent helping my dad whom for a time had on-street parking, we had to get up in the middle of the night to move like 10-20 cars. The CITY back in the day was quick to ticket ‘our cars’ as an easy source of income. So I learned early in life of the snow alerts.

I find this confusing – the city says it would issue an alert, nor did none of us have to move cars off the road. I thought, how the the graces of god can we clean our streets?

The side streets are a mess, you get stuck practically every where you drive,

I wondered, do the COVID restrictions have soemthing to do this, lack of help, lack of funds, good question right…

Now we get more snow, and its causing a bigger issue, new snow on top of frozen snow..

I would love to see a FULL AUDIT done this year on where all the CARE ACT MONEY has gone, the city wont help maintain the TUT-HILL HOUSE, it wont do this, and it does not want to do that.

Where is the TAX MONEY going… Will be interesting when the 2020 C.A.F.R comes out in the spring of 2021.

#4 anominous on 12.29.20 at 12:20 pm

used to be after a light-med snow you’d see the dump trucks with the front plow going around pushing the streets clear where needed if the motor graders weren’t used. Big mess & lot of knobby ice coming if it freezes harder. i suspect the brain trust is watching kelo hoping for heat. what is it with that new guy who transferred from channel 5 to kelo. they dont allow the fng to say “kelo” until he gets blooded in like a gang or something. he is the only watchable human being on there cuz he’s not saying keloland like there is a trobek-treat coming every time.

#5 Snowbird on 12.29.20 at 2:41 pm

When was the last actual snow alert for residential plowing?

#6 anominous on 12.29.20 at 10:20 pm

i would like to buy the plow driver who ran the red light at 37th and Minnesota at 8:55 pm tonight a beer since he was already driving like he was drunk, and since i was on the phone i didn’t hit the gas when i had a green light and good on me since i would’ve been split in half with the jesus blade