American Dictatorship Thwarted; The Insane Clown Posse is gone

Before my Trumpian friends beat me up, I will tell you that I am NOT a Biden fan. I think he has been a part of the establishment for far to long, and I think he sits on the far right side of the Democratic party. I think it is going to be very hard to pass a Medicare for All with Joe Biden as president, but if we can at least chip away at it, it may happen by the time I am eligible for actual Medicare. LOL. I also think he was fairly elected and I did vote for him as a registered Independent.

• I will admit that Trump did have a handful of accomplishments, I won’t give him full credit except for ONE, killing Iranian Terrorist Qasem Soleimani. It was the best thing he did as President and if there was one thing he handled almost flawlessly it was this. Of course, he did tarnish the accomplishment by lying about American soldiers injuries after the Iranian missile attack and not bothering to pick up a phone to inform anybody in Congress what he had done. It seems every time Trump has an opportunity to put a good spin on something he did, he ruins it with lying and being ignorant and stubborn.

• Operation Warp Speed. Trump proved one thing, if you throw enough taxpayer money at Big Pharma, they can cure just about anything in record time. All this has really shown is the pure greed of our healthcare institutions in this country who have made billions from Covid.

• He didn’t start any wars. But I think that is because there really wasn’t a reason to and Trump wouldn’t know how to handle them anyway, that and he has invested millions in our enemies countries. I also think that our biggest enemies practice cyber warfare these days as proved by the latest high level hack by Russia. The next battles will be in cyber-space.

• The economy did well until Covid hit. Actually, Obama’s economy did better, and Trump just jumped on the wave Barry left.

• (some) Middle East peace has been achieved. I think the only credit I can give to Trump on this was that he was in office while it happened. I think these countries have been working at these agreements since Carter was president, and with the global economy the way it is, they really had no choice but to start getting along.

In Trump’s final hours he pardoned crooks like Steve Bannon and Paul Erickson, two who defrauded investors. Earlier he pardoned Roger Stone.

Trump has been despicable to the very end, but what I expected four years ago when he was sworn in. He was a sociopath who lied over 30,000 times (that we know of). He was a cheat, a bully, a jerk and a racist. I also believe he was a secret atheist that doesn’t give two sh!ts about right winger Christians or Pro-Lifers.

He was the WORST president that ever existed in the United States.

Yes, he beats out GW Bush and Reagan and actually belongs in jail (and may end up there). I hope the Senate convicts him and I hope the state of New York convicts him. The only reason he never made America into a dictatorship was he was too sloppy and stupid to figure it out with his army of deplorable bigots. We will look back on these four years and wish that somehow we could erase the fact that a two time loser like this was president.

But part of me doesn’t blame Trump for any of this. I knew exactly how chaotic the last 4 years were going to be, he has always conducted himself as a spoiled baby. What has most enraged me over the past 4 years are his enablers and supporters, like Right Wing Whack-a-doodle radio and many local politicians who have supported him like Noem parading the country campaigning for him or Mayor TenHaken giving him a B+ Report Card rating. It was ludicrous.

These are the people who made Trump the worst POTUS ever to exist, they made him into a God that they thought could fix all of our problems, like draining some imaginary swamp. One person cannot fix our problems, that is also a reason I voted for Biden, I know he will not attempt to do it all alone on twitter. He will engage his cabinet and he will consult a closely divided Senate and House, working together is how you fix problems not tweeting at 3 in the morning conspiracy theories or paying off porn stars.

If I want my Trumpist friends to learn anything from their hero, it is, all men and women are created equal, and working together is the only way to make America Great Forever.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 01.20.21 at 7:23 pm

‘A Clockwork Orange’ has left the building.

#2 The Great Compromiser on 01.20.21 at 9:53 pm

Donald Trump was not a dictator, and he was a good president who put America first, and the people first. You democrats are silly sometimes.

#3 Observer on 01.20.21 at 10:41 pm

…he was a president who put his America first, and his people first.

#4 unity on 01.21.21 at 8:19 am

“…he was a president who put his America first, and his people first.”
like it or not it’s exactly the same thing every president and every elected official does.
i hope all of you who are smart enough to have some sort of investment plan give up all your gains over the past 4 years to charitable donations. it’s really all “dirty” money anyway, right? oops, i forgot, those gains were because of obama so it’s all ok.

#5 D@ily Spin on 01.21.21 at 9:43 am

No more tweets and Melanie can divorce him now. He forgot to pardon Harvey Weinstein. Agreed, he was the worst president in US history. Leading a coup on the Capital is what he’ll be most remembered for.

#6 rufusx on 01.21.21 at 2:38 pm

About your comments on Warp Speed, and in particular – “if you throw enough taxpayer money at Big Pharma, they can cure just about anything in record time.”

1st – ask any of the pharma companies and they will tell you, Warp Speed did not pay them to develop a vaccine. It paid for freezers and the initial transportation to the states. PERIOD.

The development of these sorts of vaccines (MRNA) has been ongoing for 15 (FIFTEEN) years. It was not done “overnight” – i.e., in “record time”.

I understand that the Trumpians have thrown SO MUCH disinformation out there about every topic they EVER have anything to say on, it is hard to accept that it is ALL lies. But it is – ALL of it.

For example, though the Trump admin. (via “Warp Speed”) claimed there was a stockpile of vaccine ready for increased dispersal of 1st round vaccines and for 2nd rounds of vaccination – the truth we have just learned is – they had NONE. NOT ONE frikkin’ dose in reserve.

Lastly – Trump is still not the worst president ever – at least not in terms of how much damage he has done to the country. That still lands on Reagan – who did just as much and MORE to dismantle the American Dream, but was sneakier and a slick communicator who was able to keep MORE of the public hoodwinked.

Perhaps Trump seems worse, just because he was too undisciplined to be able to hide his corruption and destructive acts (thanks twitter). But for the most part – he wasn’t as active and relentless in his assault on middle class America as Reagan – he spent too much time golfing to be that effective. Reagan worked tirelessly at it.

#7 rufusx on 01.21.21 at 3:03 pm

PS, vaccines are not “cures” of diseases. They “prime the pump” of your body’s immune system to create an appropriate response mechanism – SLOWLY – so that it doesn’t kill itself by reacting TO fast and with TOO much. You still get the virus, and it remains alive in you even after you’ve been vaccinated.