Noem is just as delusional as her mentor

When I first read this op-ed, I thought to myself, ‘Is Noem even qualified to be governor?’ I know she isn’t, but if you had any doubts, you don’t anymore. It has to be one of the most unprofessional, delusional op-ed’s I have ever read by a politician. Besides being littered with lies and false accusations, it reads more like a crazy rant from your right wing uncle than the leader of a state. Let’s review and debunk this scripted piece of garbage;

And there are many in our party who are eager to blame President Trump both for the violence in Washington and for the results of the senate elections in Georgia.

Because he is to blame, McFly. Not only did he incite the protestors, in Georgia he told his supporters to NOT trust the election process. Why would they vote?!

Republicans got our butts kicked in Georgia on Tuesday. A 33-year-old with no accomplishments and a smooth-talking preacher wiped the floor with us. The idea that Georgia, of all places, could elect two communists to the United States Senate was ridiculous.

Okay, a lot to break down there. Remember when Kristi was elected to the US Congress she was around 40, had no college degree and her only real accomplishment was inheriting her dad’s ranch. She really hasn’t accomplished much more since then. Kettle meet black. As for her comments about Warnock, he has an amazing resume of being a civil rights champion in Georgia. Let’s also not forget that their opponents were both investigated for insider trading.

In the last sentence she really knocks the BS out of the park. Her veiled bigotry is on full display when she questions how a Jew and a Black minister could be elected in the state, she almost is saying how dare they ran and how dare people voted for them. And what the heck does Kristi know about Georgia?

As for the communist comment, it would be easy to go on a long rant, but I will keep it brief. They are not communists. They may fit the bill as Democratic Socialists, but that is the country we live in, by definition; a socialist system of government achieved by democratic means. We pay taxes and in return, we collectively receive social benefits. Like roads, public schools, law enforcement and military protection. Some others receive higher education and housing assistance. Others get food assistance and millions of older Americans get Social Security and Medicare. We have been a socialist democracy for well over 100 years. This is why many people running for higher office don’t deny it. Calling someone a communist because they don’t believe in your political leanings is just childish an incredibly idiotic. It quite possibly is one of the stupidest things she has ever stated.

Our country has changed. We have failed to educate generations of our children about what makes America unique. Few, if any of them, have been taught the history of our decades-long fight to defeat communism. Meanwhile, the left’s indoctrination takes place every day with kids all across America from the time they walk into a school at age 5 to the time they graduate college at 22.

She is partially correct, but let’s clarify. The problem with our public education system isn’t a communist plot of indoctrination its that they don’t teach students civics anymore. They couldn’t tell you the difference between a democracy or a communist nation, let alone what authoritarian fascism is or anarchy. They are being taught NOTHING. I agree that we need to educate our children about government, but they are not learning about communist plots at school they are learning them around the dinner table from their parents instead of enlightened educators.

Our party has some serious work ahead of us. We are going to have to sit down and collectively answer a very simple question: Why does America need Republicans?

The answer to that is very simple: 2020.

2020 is a prime example of why we need to get rid of Republicans. They almost destroyed our democracy in 12 short months.

What is so troubling is that by April, we knew that there was a specific vulnerable population that we needed to protect from COVID-19. 

You did?! If you knew this why didn’t you use that information to protect those in nursing homes? Instead they became Covid death camps because of your pathetic inaction. Noem did nothing. And when we started to surge, she grabbed a couple SD Highway patrolman at our expense and flew around the country campaigning for her sugar daddy. F’ing disgusting.

In 2020, despite the virus, if you wanted to riot, loot, and burn buildings down, the government either stood idly by while you did that, or worse, tacitly encouraged the destruction.

Actually that happened in 2021 just a few days ago when the Capital Police opened the doors for them and took selfies. Where were your party leaders on Wednesday Kristi? Golfing? Hiding in a bunker? Or maybe a basement TV studio dialed in to Newsmax. Recently a university professor (sorry, I saw her on PBS and can’t remember her name) studied protests in 2020, she determined that 93% of BLM protests across the nation were non-violent. While I am concerned that the other 7% were violent, let’s really put this in perspective folks.

What we lived in 2020 is the left’s vision for America.

I thought the people that held the White House and the Senate in 2020 were Republicans? Oh, that’s right, they were. It was under Republican leadership that we had to endure all of this mayhem mostly due to the rhetoric coming out of the White House and the inaction in the Senate. THOSE WERE YOUR PEOPLE KRISTI! This is why they were voted out. It’s not rocket science.

America is unique in the world because we have a government that is limited in its powers, and our people are guaranteed certain, God-given liberties. We are not governed by aristocrats, elites, or experts. We the people are the government.

So why are you denying South Dakotans desire to decriminalize marijuana? And why is our AG still walking as a free man? The ‘people’ would like to know.

President Eisenhower said, “We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow.”

Maybe you should tell Trump that. Maybe you could tweet it to him . . . oh that’s right, nevermind.

It is not even enough to say, “vote for us because we will fight against abortion or Obamacare or whatever else.”

I hate to break it to you, but legalized abortion will never go away. In fact I expect Congress to move on a bill that puts it on the books so the SCOTUS can’t touch it. I do agree that there is hope ACA will go away, and be replaced with a Medicare for all single payer system and a majority of Americans agree.

The Republican Party respects people as individuals. We don’t divide people based on their religion or their roots. We don’t ostracize people who think for themselves. We understand that each person is different.

All the Republican party has done over the past 4 years is divide people, you have been doing it in our state for almost 50 years.

Our Republican Party respects everyone equally under the Constitution and treats them as Martin Luther King, Jr. wished . . .

Oh the irony of Kristi quoting MLK while calling the pastor of King’s former church a smooth-talking preacher. That’s rich coming from a smooth-talking politician like yourself.

We must go into this battle for freedom with our eyes wide open, educated to the tactics the radical left will use, and yet totally pure in our motives. 

And who is this radical left you speak of? Joe Biden? LOL. More like a radical old moderate. Keep chasing the mice in your head Kristi. Maybe one of these days you’ll rope one of them, you might even be able to get some college credits for it.


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.09.21 at 5:36 pm

Noem is proof that John Birchers still exist.

I got a kick out of how she mentioned in the article about Eisenhower’s fiscal responsibility, but she failed to mention that under Ike the highest federal tax bracket for rich Americans was 90%. It’s now 37% thanks to Noem and Trump.

And it always pains me when a Republican mentions MLK and what he stood for. A states’ righter like Noem has no business claiming to be a champion of civil rights or a true advocate of what MLK stood for.

Noem is so out of her league, that she is not even qualified to be a governor of a state that often ranks 50th in everything.

Noem is an embarrassment to South Dakota. Her claim of great fiscal responsibility in this state during a time of a pandemic, economic downturn, and an insurrection, which she was an enabler to, is just one big lie. Her “solvency” has been achieved as the result of a death rate from the pandemic. which is twice the national average, and her state budget is only balanced because of the Cares Act and now the second stimulus bill, which is actually socialism, or what someone like Noem would call communism. But I am not going to get into a discussion right now about the major differences between socialism and communism at this time, because I don’t think an on-line graduate from State could handle it. #GoCoyotes! 😉

A fraud knows that they are a fraud, but I don’t think Noem knows how much she is one, which further proves her incompetency, which is currently being saved fiscally with socialism. How ironic.

#2 kurtz on 01.10.21 at 12:01 pm

Ian Fury is Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s communications director and an operative of the Council for National Policy – a manifestation created by the extreme white wing of the Republican Party. Fury used to work for Representative Jim Jordan (NAZI-OH) who is also a member of CNP.

CNP has infiltrated Pierre and the extremist South Dakota Legislature because banks in my home state are hoarding nearly $4 TRILLION for its members including Robert Mercer, a Long Island hedge-fund manager who bankrolled Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns. It’s important to note Kristi doesn’t write her tweets – they’re generated by her political campaign. Like Trump she’s using her post to milk the prosperity gospel for every penny she can hustle.

One reason Noem is working to defeat non-tribal cannabis in the red moocher state is that the CNP believes the white workforce will be too impaired so employers will have to hire brown people. She addressed a meeting of the body last August.

Noem is also a graduate of the Koch Brothers’ American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC, an anti-think tank think tank that teaches how wedge issues raise campaign dollars for the nut wing of the Republican Party.

#3 D@ily Spin on 01.10.21 at 12:35 pm

It’s becoming obvious our trophy governor (like Trump) has a screw loose. It was republicans who violently attacked the Capital. In another country it’s called a coup. Any politician who uses the word Communist to label nonviolent peaceful non republican citizens deserves censure. Like any beauty queen she should stick to general subjects ( ie world peace) if she can’t help from alienating and dividing the nation. It’s troubling she’s taken a stance against marijuana when citizens voted for legalization. Does she represent us? Has governor become merely traveling around the country as Trumps cheerleader? Time for her to go. She can keep the Pom Poms.

#4 Jeff Barth on 01.10.21 at 1:52 pm

Keep up the GREAT work Scottie!!

#5 Best Governor Ever on 01.11.21 at 9:57 am

Great governor, all the websites I go to says so. If you believe this little echo chamber….you are a very angry person.

What is way more scary is what the libtards are doing to shut down conservatives…even you clowns should see how dangerous Amazon, Google, Tweeter, Faceplace, etc are. If you don’t agree with them, they can just cancel you and your thoughts. Worst part is the media is part of it. Keep cancelling the Right and calling them names, there will be consequences.

No new wars in 4 years, gas prices have been stable at around $2 a gallon, economy was super strong pre-Covid/Dem shutdown, unemployment was extremely low, peace in the Middle East, holding China accountable….could go on and on…..

Biden is a puppet, will just regurgitate what he’s being told. We will be sending troops someplace within a year, gas will be $4 a gallon, and unemployment will skyrocket. Who will you blame then? Trump?

#6 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.11.21 at 3:24 pm

Actually, private entities are shutting down insurrectionists. If a rowdy customer shows up, the business owner has the right to kick the customer out.

Gas prices are already going up because analysts say they have already hit rock bottom and it’s a natural reaction regardless of who is president. But $4 a gallon would actually mean a very strong economy was causing it.

Without the shutdown, our entire health care system would have collapsed.

The low unemployment is nothing but an extension of the Obama economy prior to covid. To the degree Trump is responsible for it, it’s because of de-regulation, a mentality of every GOP administration, which eventually leaves to a stock market crash.

Is there peace in the ME, or is it that there is so much chaos in the world, that ME can no longer control the front page?

“holding China accountable”? But what about Trump’s secret Chinese bank account and Ivanka’s trademark rights in China?

Right now, Biden won’t be able to fight a foreign war, because he’ll need the troops domestically to prevent an other insurrection from the friends of people like “Best Governor Ever”.

#7 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.11.21 at 3:26 pm

Oh, I forgot about Noem. What’s great about her? Her hair? Her riding? Please delineate.

#8 rufusx on 01.12.21 at 8:04 am

VSG – the seditionists think Noem ois “great” because she doesn’t wanna do anything but just lie around all day and looks good doing it.

#9 Noem on FOX on 01.12.21 at 9:14 am

Just watched Noem on Fox….what an inspirational leader we are blessed with in South Dacola. You all should be very proud of putting her in this place of power. What a true patriot!

On a side note, Fredo’s brother has finally admitted NY needs to open up now, or risk having nothing to open up to. No Sh!t Sherlock! I guess now that the election is over, it’s time to listen and do what Trump has been telling everyone.

#10 Gay cakes? on 01.12.21 at 11:25 am

So it’s ok for libs to shut conservative voices out because it’s a private entity….but a bake shop can’t choose to not make a cake for a gay couple, even though they are private and can choose who to do business with?

Even someone as tone deaf as VSG can see the double standard?

#11 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.12.21 at 3:41 pm

Listen, Noem’s newest “pro-life” stunt is merely an attempt to try to re-establish her “pro-life” credentials after she “led” us through a pandemic the last 10 months with one of the deadliest covid death rates in the country.

The only reason numbers are now beginning to collapse is because of mask mandates by mayors and not our governor, and the positive collateral from these mandates due to the fact that South Dakota is fortunately a far less dense state than say New York for instance.

In addition, my wife has relatives in Texas who like Noem because she is “Hot”. Can you believe that? Actually, I can. Republican leadership in this state and nation is increasingly becoming nothing but a realty TV version of a soap opera and its actors.

#12 Conservative Here on 01.12.21 at 7:21 pm

I am not surprised by many of the comments on here. I have a serious question, do Liberals EVER take any responsibility for their mistakes.

* If the economy is good, its do to a Liberal president but, if its bad we are trying recover from Conservative President

* If Conservatives storm the Capital its an Insurrection yet when Liberals loot, riot, and burn down cities, its a peaceful protest – Where were you when Kamala Harris was bailing them out of jail or Maxine Waters told people to get in their face and they should have no rest

* If the Media is biased and goes after the President, he deserves it because he is bad yet they impeached him and did an investigation for 4 years and nada. Yet the media has virtually ignored Biden flat out telling us on TV he had a dude fired because he was investigating him for corruption in Ukraine

* Big Tech turned off the President’s Twitter, Facebook, etc accounts YET the courts 2 years ago banned him and many others from banning followers. It’s interesting that the courts can stop him from banning a user and everyone on the Left cheers and NOW they cheer that he has been banned for life.

* Big Tech and Corporations, who you ALL rail against are banning people and shutting down free speech

I thought many of you were classic Liberals but, you all sound like a bunch of Communists who would rather see us in Gulags because we don’t share your vision. Scott is such a free-speech guy and yet lots of silence on this subject. I would think these kinds of actions would scare most of us to death but, maybe its ok if its just us Deplorables.

On a side note, I think Mr Bruce Danileson is right about one thing. Corporations is who we should be afraid of and the recent events are proving him to be 100% correct. They OWN all the politicans and they OWN us

#13 l3wis on 01.13.21 at 10:54 am

To be clear protests in both sides have been about 96% peaceful. As for free speech, the first amendment is clear, private business can censor, the government can not.

#14 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.13.21 at 12:40 pm

Conservative Here,

Before social media took off, did you ever complain that newspapers didn’t publish every letter-to-the-editor?

Burning a Target is wrong. Committing sedition and or insurrection, however, is a capital crime.

Then, there is this comment from you:

“* If the economy is good, its do to a Liberal president but, if its bad we are trying recover from Conservative President”

Actually, with this comment you are spot on and history would agree with you. Because Democrats, or liberals, are usually elected to clean up Republican, or conservative, messes.

#15 Conservative Here on 01.13.21 at 2:55 pm

Scott – There has been NOTHING peaceful about all the riots in Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Portland (Chop or Chaz), etc. What planet are you even living on!!!! We cannot even have a reasonable conversation any longer as you all can never even look at all the riots, chaos, and vandalism and acknowledge they happened then try to say with a straight face they 96% peaceful.

One thing is clear to me, its impossible to reason or discuss anything on this blog as you are all too obtuse to acknowledge your own sides shortcomings or faults.

#16 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.13.21 at 6:56 pm

Congressman Nuance, I mean Dusty, opposed Trump’s second impeachment due to a lack of due process. Impeachment is just part of the due process and a trial completes it. Plus, when we were all witnesses to the crime isn’t an indictment, or impeachment, warranted?

Based on Dusty’s argument, the hot pursuit through Sioux Falls yesterday should have never happen because it was too fast and the witnessed tactics of the alleged doesn’t further warrant an arrest and or indictment.

But then again, Dusty had to vote “No” to be relevant in ’26 when he runs against Noem in the SD Republican senate primary, I guess. It’s kind of like when a mayor wants you to wear a mask, but won’t support a mask mandate.

#17 anominous on 01.14.21 at 9:05 am

Lol, I wonder if Noem and TenHaken are going to cancel the new Amazon center right out of South Dakota after AWS de-platformed all your commenters’ precious Parler. What will they tell their most dear constituents? Nasty Amazon owns the nasty WaPost as Thune likes to point out.

#18 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.14.21 at 2:25 pm

Good points anominous!

I still can’t believe we are welcoming Amazon to South Dakota to further weaken Main Street, when one of South Dakotas major arguments in the Wayfair case was supposedly an attempt to save Main Street…. But that’s Republican logic for you.