South Dakota State Legislature, House Bill 1026; Authorizes the State to build a National Guard Readiness Center in Sioux Falls

What makes this even more odd is that it is declared an Emergency?!
Am I missing something here?!


 Introduced by: The Committee on Appropriations at the request of the Department of the Military Catchlines are not law. (§ 2-16-13.1) Underscores indicate new language. Overstrikes indicate deleted language. 

1 An Act to authorize the construction of a National Guard Readiness Center in Sioux 2 Falls, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA: 4 Section 1. The Department of the Military may contract for the planning, site preparation, 5 construction, furnishing, and equipping of the construction of a National Guard Readiness 6 Center, together with furnishings and equipment, including heating, air conditioning, 7 plumbing, water, sewer, electric facilities, sidewalks, parking, landscaping, architectural and 8 engineering services, and such other services or actions as may be required to accomplish 9 the project, for an estimated cost of twenty million dollars, subject to permitted adjustments 10 pursuant to section 3 of this Act. 11 Section 2. There is hereby appropriated from the general fund the sum of $500,000, and 12 the sum of $1,500,000 in federal fund expenditure authority to the Department of the Military, 13 for purposes of design and construction of a National Guard Readiness Center in Sioux Falls. 14 Section 3. The Department of the Military may adjust the cost estimates to reflect inflation 15 as measured by the Building Cost Index reported by the Engineering News Record, additional 16 expenditures required to comply with regulations adopted after the effective date of this Act, 17 or additional sums received pursuant to section 4 of this Act. However, any adjustments to 18 construction cost estimates for the project may not exceed one hundred twenty-five percent 19 of the estimated project construction cost stated in section 1 of this Act. 20 Section 4. In addition to the amounts appropriated in section 2 of this Act, the Department 21 of the Military may accept and expend for the purpose of this Act any funds obtained from 22 gifts, contributions, or any other source if the acceptance and expenditure is approved in 23 accordance with § 4-8B-10. 21.297.13 2 400 Catchlines are not law. (§ 2-16-13.1) Underscores indicate new language. Overstrikes indicate deleted language. 1 Section 5. The design and construction of this project shall be under the general charge and 2 supervision of the Department of the Military. The adjutant general of the Department of the 3 Military or the state engineer shall approve vouchers and the state auditor shall draw warrants 4 to pay expenditures authorized by this Act. 5 Section 6. Any amounts appropriated in this Act not lawfully expended or obligated shall 6 revert in accordance with the procedures prescribed in chapter 4-8. 7 Section 7. Whereas, this Act is necessary for the support of the state government and its 8 existing public institutions, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, and this Act shall be in 9 full force and effect from and after its passage and approval.  


#1 rufusx on 01.26.21 at 8:22 am

The declaration of emergency is a legislative “trick” to make the funding available right away vs. not until July – and thus bid leting/awarding can be done right away and construction can start in the Spring of THIS YEAR, vs dragging the whole thing out to another year due to a later starting date. That’s what you’re missing.

#2 Mike Lee Zitterich on 01.26.21 at 11:52 am

At this point I will have to agree with RUFUSX on this. As we are finding out during these “emergency orders” – the executive of the Central Government, State, Cities, School Districts have special powers granted to them during these emergencies so long as they also get approval from Congress, Legislatures, City COuncils, School Boards.

IF you look up and down the 2021 Legislative Docket o of proposed bills in both the House and Senate, there are many many “emergency bills” being proposed in South Dakota. And I think they may be related to the “COVID-19 CARE ACT” funds to distribute the remaining portions of the dollars.

So I am now thinking, what is with the emergency to build this brand new shiny Facility in Sioux Falls so urgent, then I visit the website for the National Guard Readiness Center which is a national effort to build up the National Guard, educate, train, and provide additional resources, provide medical treatments of the personel in order to provide a well trained and ready national guard for domestic and global activities.

These facilities are being built all across America; one in Maryland and one in Pennsyvania.

With the newly addition of our Sioux Falls Police and Fire Academy, now with this about to be new Facility, and with a build up with the Police Dept – we are becoming a Military Police State better and larger. And its all funded with “Federal Dollars”.

#3 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 01.26.21 at 1:51 pm

Is this meant to facilitate the “fenced white FEMA relocation camp” found in the NW quadrant of our city? 😉

#4 Further Fear & Loathing on 01.26.21 at 2:38 pm

Or, is this not good news for white supremacists, who are often found as members of the Guard and/or our overall “Military Police State”?

It’s come to a point where we must police the police. And can, how, and do you want to defund that?

In addition to the Miranda warning, officers will now be required to show to the accused, that they have been vetted by the Secret Service, and/or the FBI.

Oh, how I miss the simpler times before the insurrection, economic downturn, and the pandemic. Fireside chats are definitely in need.

#5 scott on 01.27.21 at 5:24 pm

this needs to be built ASAP to squash the next riot at the mall.

#6 My Mistake Mike on 01.28.21 at 1:37 pm

Here is further proof that the legislature does NOT need to meet annually!! WTF?

#7 l3wis on 01.28.21 at 3:31 pm

“My Buddy and me we climb up the tree. My Buddy and me stay in the tree. My Buddy files charges against me.”