Noem’s lies at CPAC

Well, we all know that politicians like to fib a little to make themselves look good, it doesn’t matter what stripe they are from. But Noem really stretches the truth during her speech at CPAC today. Here are some highlights;

• She said South Dakota was the only state not to order businesses or churches to close or people wear masks. While there was NO directive from her office, cities across the state passed mandates on masks and businesses, and ironically those communities saw their cases drop.

• She said she didn’t define what an essential business is. But the CDC and Feds did, and so did several cities in South Dakota.

• She talked about keeping the schools open. While this is true, it had little to do with keeping them in the classroom it had to do with the lousy broadband and internet access across the state. Kudos to Mayor TenHaken for making this a recent priority in Sioux Falls. Once again local government has to step up to make up for her lack of leadership.

• She also took a dig at Dr. Fauci about how he was wrong about hospital capacity and how South Dakota managed it well. Quite the opposite, while we dodged a bullet, the major hospitals in the state had to transport patients out of state because of capacity issues, some dying later and many nursing homes became covid death camps. In fact one of the reasons South Dakota ranks 7th in the nation for deaths is because of the elderly deaths at nursing homes.

• She claims the media lied about how bad it got with Covid in the state. Remember because of the Smithfield outbreak due to the lack of the SD Department of Health, the Sioux Falls Department of Health and at first the CDC not mandating safe working procedures it was the number one hotspot in the nation. I also think if that outbreak didn’t happen, our Covid numbers probably would have been manageable. Her and Mayor Stoneless did eventually blame it on poor hygiene of immigrants. Noem seems to think the best way to achieve Liberty and Freedom is by doing nothing.

• She claims that our economy in South Dakota is booming. Sure, if you are rich. Instead giving the Federal Covid money to individuals or other Covid prevention and healthcare (like public vaccination sites), she handed it out to businesses, like CBD stores and Go-Kart tracks. Over 70% of South Dakotans make under a living wage and of that 70% many are living in poverty. State Government in South Dakota is booming because the Feds bailed out the state and she handed the money over to business owners that have NO intention of trickling it down to their employees. South Dakota has one of the highest number of working moms and people with more than one job.

• She continues to push the big lie about all the freedom and RIGHTS we have in South Dakota, yet Noem won’t tell us how she spends our money on things like security and plane trips, her and the legislature continue to try to overturn the will of the voters when it comes to the initiative process or the right to have an abortion, she has dismantled regulation that would keep our waterways safe from CAFO’s and runoff, we also have very few worker rights or proper safety regulation and when she had an opportunity to extend special unemployment benefits to South Dakotans she said ‘No Thank You’. As I told someone the other day, we have so much FREEDOM in South Dakota, it may just kill us.

• She also says the only way to change things in this country is by electing conservative leaders. As I pointed out before the November election, we tried a Republican Senate and President the last four years and NOTHING was accomplished, except more division, chaos, racism and a crumbling healthcare system. If this is your idea of great leadership from conservatives you really need to see a shrink. More of the same isn’t the answer, I think almost 80 million voters sent that clear message.

• She finishes by telling her famous BS story about how she took over the family business and turned it around. She never finishes the story by telling people the millions in farm subsidies she has received from you and me, the taxpayers.

Kristi may fart some lines at this get together about the greatness of conservatism, but secretly she is one of the biggest socialists in the Republican Party never missing an opportunity to handout taxpayer funded welfare to herself and her big business supporters in the state while keeping the rest of us in the gutter.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 02.27.21 at 5:44 pm

Noem lies all of the time. During the 2020 presidential campaign, I saw a clip where she was speaking to an audience in New Hampshire and she claimed that Dr. Fauci personally told her that she would have 10,000 people in South Dakota in hospitals due to covid. Then she paused and stared at the audience like only she can do, and said: “Right now, I have 441 in the hospital”. The crowd then clapped and Noem looked vindicated as she actually took Fauci’s prediction way out of context.

Right now, we have had 6610 people in the hospital in South Dakota because of the pandemic, and when you add those who were shipped to hospitals outside of the state and the number who would have ended up in the hospital in this state had everyone listened to her indifference to mask wearing, then I think the 10,000 number would have actually been a conservative estimate.

Plus, why didn’t Noem use the state plane for the CPAC conference? In her mind, haven’t all of the past uses of the state plane by her been legit? What gives here? Another lie?

#2 D@ily Spin on 02.27.21 at 8:58 pm

Somehow she manages to dishonorably twist subjects. She’s so good at it she believes herself.

#3 Houndog on 02.28.21 at 8:28 am

if you could buy brain cells like you can buy face lifts, eye and tummy tucks, and boob jobs (which she obviously hasn’t purchased) she might be OK. But hey South Dakota, don’t blame this all on Noem, she’s a Trump fanatic, and you voted for both of them.

#4 East Dakota on 02.28.21 at 10:39 am

Outside of South Dakota Governor Noem is very popular with many infatuated with her leadership. There is talk of Greater Minnesota breaking away from the Twin Cities and becoming another state being East Dakota or merge with South Dakota. Noem for President? She has her loyal followers in South Dakota with many moving to South Dakota. President Noem or 2nd term Governor Noem.

#5 Over to Ontario on 02.28.21 at 11:21 am

SD’s Covid death rate is 4 times what it is here in Ontario, Canada. We are not happy with our death rate, while Guv Noem is proud of her handling of the pandemic, thinks her state has done just fine, thank you very much. Never mind the Sturgis super spreader event. Listening to her talk makes my brain hurt.

#6 anominous on 02.28.21 at 8:31 pm

which trust companies have offices in miami and SD

#7 Dumber for reading this on 03.02.21 at 6:40 pm

Scott, we are all dummer for reading this…you are so wrong, I can’t begin to go over all of it. Just because you don’t agree with facts, doesn’t mean Noem was wrong or lying. You need to say 10 Our Fathers for your sins.

#8 Point 1 on 03.02.21 at 6:51 pm

You say she lied or stretched the truth…OK…..then show us where the state shut down churches, businesses, or implemented mask mandates….show me.

You can’t because YOU are either lying or stretching the truth there Scottie.

#9 Point 2 on 03.02.21 at 7:36 pm

She’s right, again…she didn’t define businesses, show me where she did.

You are either lying or stretching the truth.

#10 Point 3 on 03.02.21 at 7:39 pm

I think i see a trend. Again, did she open or close schools Scottie? You are trying to twist what she said by discussing internet access. Interesting.

You either lied or are stretching the truth.

#11 Point 4 on 03.02.21 at 9:29 pm

Do you read what you put down?

Nursing homes are Covid death camps. Really? That is an odd business model….kill all of the people you are making money off?

You are either lying or stretching the truth.