Can you get a Covid Vaccination now?

While we are still going through the stages of the vaccination roll out, it seems there is so many doses, even if you are not in one of the specified groups you can get a shot.

I have heard from several folks today that many pharmacies in town are putting people on ‘cancellation’ lists and they will give you a shot if there is an appointment cancellation. I have heard of at least 3 people younger than me that have gotten shots and don’t belong in any of the specified categories.

I fully support this, for obvious reasons. First, if doses are not used within a certain amount of time, they have to be disposed, we don’t want to do that. Secondly, as I have been preaching for awhile, let’s not worry about those who don’t want to get them right now, let’s get everyone in line ASAP that wants one and let them get it.

POTUS says that hopefully by May 1st or sooner the vaccination will open to ALL groups. I encourage ANYONE right now to contact their pharmacy and get on the cancellation list if you are not part of the specified groups.

Once we vaccinate everyone who wants one, we can focus on the reluctant.

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#1 "Woodstock" on 03.11.21 at 8:38 pm

“Everyone needs to get their damn shots!”…. “The shots are on Biden, too!”….