Is Rep Johnson abusing his franking privileges?

I would say he is. I received the card below today, and it clearly states on the front part that he ‘franked’ the card (we paid for the postage). He has that right as a representative of congress to give constituents important public information, and on the front he does that with how to get a vaccine (even though, unless you have been living in a cave in the Badlands over the past year, it’s pretty easy to figure out how to get a vaccine in South Dakota. Plus I am just imagining old ladies trying to scratch off the q-code to see if they won a vaccination shot or dinner with Duster).

The back side of the card is where I have my concerns in which it turns very political attacking the POTUS. While I certainly have my issues with Biden and some of the things he is doing, especially with the outrageous stimulus package, I don’t use tax dollars to send out postcards about it.

I’m not sure about all the rules surrounding ‘franking’ but just because 50% of this card followed the rules doesn’t mean the other 50% can break those rules, which I call the Janklow rule; as long as you do good things with your left hand, it’s okay to do crappy things with your right. Duster, don’t be a Bill.

Sorry, Duster, you can only get the sh!t so shiny when you polish a turd and this postcard was a real dull turd.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 03.25.21 at 10:02 pm

Dusty often talks about the value of work. He doesn’t like welfare. But isn’t franking a form of congressional welfare that should be used sparingly?

Also, it appears that he wants everyone to get a vaccine, but he voted against a bill that facilitated that reality. So, maybe if Dusty worked harder, he’d make fewer contradictions.

Oh, and Republicans don’t seem to bash ObamaCare anymore, do they? But how much longer are we going to have to hear about the Keystone Pipeline from them? A pipeline that only offers temporary jobs, but guarantees a continued shipment of toxic Canadian tar sands oil to China via the Gulf? #WhyDoesDustyLikeChinaSoMuch? #Smithfield?

Oh, and court packing, is not holding a Garland hearing in ’16 a form of court packing? #JustCurious

#2 anominous on 03.27.21 at 1:00 pm

My Dear Congressman,

Please send me QR code that works on a flip phone. Or maybe just a GD phone number.

#3 RST Tribal Member on 04.04.21 at 8:22 am

Dusty, Dusty. Where is our Dusty? What has he proposed for South Dakota lately or awhile back lately? He does want Washington DC to become part of Maryland… who in South Dakota advised him on that legislation? Dusty’s politics is like living with an abuser, in that, he misleads you while abusing you. Can we break the cycle? Probably or maybe not if the other party cannot find a candidate.