Maybe ICE needs to check some of the CAFO’s in SD? (G/T-Tim Benson)


#1 Loathing from Omaha on 05.21.21 at 12:02 am

Right now, there are 23,000 job openings in South Dakota. Without a better attitude about immigration, it’s going to take a lot more sex, birth, and uprearing to fill those jobs. On second thought, maybe I like Noem’s position on immigration. Liberty and freedom could be the new pick-up lines, I guess.

#2 Theocratic Republic of SD on 05.21.21 at 10:20 am

CAFOS are off limits to inspections.

#3 D@ily Spin on 05.21.21 at 11:29 am

If you were starving and everyone around you was killed by drug cartels, wouldn’t you immigrate somewhere better? They’re not criminals. As bad as we need jobs filled why not let some Hispanics stay and qualify for citizenship after 2 years? How about deport Meth heads and drug dealers instead? Leave or do hard time?

#4 clyde on 05.22.21 at 7:23 am

I can’t help notice that all the sons and daughters of long term residents that have been forced to leave this state to find a decent job, aren’t included in this topic. We now have CAFO’s worked by illegals from south of the border rather than livestock farms worked by those sons and daughters. Oh, by the way, illegals working in agriculture are now considered “hands off” for ICE. Federal ruling.