Is former Mayor Huether running for mayor in 2022?

There have been a lot of moles telling me he has been telling people he is running and raising money, and NOT for governor.

Whether this is true or not, it should not surprise anyone. He has been chomping at the bit to get back at city hall.

It will certainly set up an interesting scenario, especially with Erickson also looking to run for the position.

I still stick by my prediction that Paul will not run for re-election. I guess he has been getting advice from friends on whether to run or not.

I think if Paul decides to bail, you will see a whole host of people running besides Bucktooth and Bowlcut and Heels. I think you could see a possibility of 8 solid candidates. I also don’t think Mike’s chances are as good this time around. If you look back just on his 2nd term he had a mountain of failures like The EC siding fiasco (still not fixed) and the fact that the revenue from the place is practically zilch and no development is in that area, also the Bunker Ramp, Administration Building HVAC, ignoring the water plant upgrades, transparency, etc, etc.

If Paul does decide to run against Mike and Christine, I still think he has the power of incumbency on his side and will win easily. Either way, whether it is Paul, Mike or Christine, were screwed in any scenario.


#1 Scott D Hudson on 06.10.21 at 3:01 pm

But but but how could KELO survive without his “uplifting” stories about small town people nobody ultimately cares about because it’s more about Your Man Mike than the subjects of his stories?

#2 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 06.10.21 at 3:20 pm

Giuliani once wore heels. Maybe Mike should try it. “Bucktooth and Bowlcut and Heels”, I think they are coming to the mall next to Anthropologie. Now, Dillard’s is in play again, too. Like music with no new genres, we are just rehashing the old. Except for whatever Billie Eilish is doing. Will the other Billie be back, too? Trump wants to be speaker, then prez again. Sequels are a sign that Hollywood is boring and in decline. It looks like Chick-fil-A is finally rising, however. That’s something new. Where are the Amish to help raise it though? At least they don’t change, then no need to repeat. I miss new. Would another pandemic help?

#3 Very Stable Genius on 06.10.21 at 3:27 pm

Paul must run again. Else, his legacy will be Chick-fil-A.

#4 Name thankfully no longer in quotes on 06.10.21 at 9:58 pm

#anyonebutmike #worstmayorinmylifetime

#5 "Woodstock" on 06.11.21 at 1:08 am

“What about that Ford guy in Toronto?”…. “Wasn’t he the worst?”…..

#6 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.11.21 at 9:44 am

One would think that the concrete edifice parked at the corner of 10th and Phillips in DTSF would preclude Huether from candidacy for anything in this state.
But the memory of the voting public is very short.
A former AG who allowed to become headlines during his gubernatorial campaign the court-ordered settlement of a case* involving incidents of sexual harassment over which he presided is now, only 2-3 years distant from that bruhaha, considered a legitimate candidate to re-assume the office of AG (presumably to restore lustre to his political career and spend the next 4-8 years campaigning [again] to be Governor).

* Of note, the headlines were generated the result that DCI received stern judicial rebuke the result that DCI failed to complete the court-ordered settlement. That there was sexual harassment in the department which led to a court case and settlement seemed to gather less attention.

#7 D@ily Spin on 06.11.21 at 10:02 am

If not TenHaken then David Z. Huether should run. His loss could finally send him into narcissist rehab. Erickson, despite the heels, is to much school marm. Give me Brekke or Starr.

#8 Mike Lee Zitterich on 06.11.21 at 11:44 am

Paul TenHaken has been the most ‘transparent’ mayor in our charter’s history dating back to 1994. He has not expanded our debt, he has listened to most of the citizens, least those who do not yell and scream that is, and he has taken the conservative approach to managing the city, in a Calvin Coolidge style performance.

Those who do not like Mayor Paul are those who wish for, and want a more aggressive city, more progressive city, and more regulation on very people we depend on to develop, make better, and provide jobs to the residents.

Mayor Paul has for the most part balanced out the right and left, while encouraging more people to get more involved in city politics, way of life, and instrumental in policy making, and he has kept the residents up to date.

When the people said no to the Mask Mandate, he listened; When the People needed help to get thru the Floods, Tornados – he went out and found help.

When people said they needed help with Rent Payments during Covid Scares, he put together a plan to support those rentors.

Most importantly, under the Mayor Paul Administration, the City has not been corrupted with side deals, manipulation of tax monies, nor have we had very many new big fancy projects, nor has the debt grown.

Mostly – we have taken advantage of Private-Public Partnerships in order to manage new projects, and this is why the need for new debt was no longer needed.

Have to admit, we have seen a more open government these past 4 years, not since Dave Munson have we had this more open and transparent government.

#9 l3wis on 06.11.21 at 2:54 pm

So what does PTH Kool-Aid taste like? Dead Puppy Blood or Hog Manure? Asking for a friend.

#10 you gotta be kidding on 06.11.21 at 3:13 pm

i’m a conservative and i certainly i don’t want a more progressive city government. i think mayor pauly is a piece of excrement. if you think this administration has been transparent, you’re nuts. side deals and wastes of tax payer dollars galore. what’s going on with the parking ramp? what are the real facts on the sleazy sioux steel deal? why doesn’t chrissy pay entertainment taxes on her airbnbs? how much “tech” and marketing business filtered thru his cronies at click rain? i guess he did help the underprivileged but good people at the state theatre. to the mask mandate, he buckled to Noem. I’m not unhappy about that, but don’t call that clown a leader. he won and then asked himself “what the f*** do i do now?” that’s leadership

#11 You Betcha on 06.11.21 at 6:54 pm

By far the biggest TIF giveaways in the history of Sioux Falls. And the largest one in the history Sioux Falls with almost no strings attached, and we don’t even know what it is going to.

#12 Mike Lee Zitterich on 06.12.21 at 12:24 pm

Relax, Enjoy Life, Have Fun …

The Sioux Falls Community is a very wealthy city, as per the financial reports, this city is worth nearly $2,000,000,000 billion dollars with very managable debt.

At some point, you got to give the ‘conservative leadership’ a A+ for managing the budget, controlling the spending, and ensuring the residents of their freedom.

At some point you have to admit, the Conservative approach is what maintains good paying jobs, provides you the best opportunity to create a business, and the best opportunities have a great lifestyle.

The city could have it much worse, we could have a Democrat Mayor, a Democrat leaning City council that goes out and spends foolishly, restricts your freedom, shuts your city down so tightly, that you are unable to make a buck.

Do you want to be like Chicago, New York City, or L.A or do you want to be more like Bismark-ND with a conservative approach to managing our state of affairs.

As for the Mask Mandate, I would assume you never saw the large group that showed up very outspoken of the mandate, the little girl that told the Mayor she was sad by being bullied cause she refused to wear a mask, The MAYOR listened to the majority, and when the majority said – NO, he voted in alignment of the majority.

As for TIFS – you all have a very weird belief on what the TIFS are and what they are not, After my studying, TIFS are NOT a hand out, not when you have to build the Roads, Utilities, Infrastructure, Clean Up and Develop the Land. I used to hate TIFS, but then I researched them more thoroughly, and I discovered, the CITY is simply paying for the same ‘expenses’ it is suppose to pay for, the only difference, WE do not have to take on anymore ‘debt”.

You cant have it both ways, we either wish to be a Conservative Government or a Progressive Government. We see how a progressive government strips you of your liberties, so I would hope you vote in favor of a “Conservative” approach to Governing.

#13 Very Stable Genius on 06.12.21 at 5:35 pm

“…..the Conservative approach is what maintains good paying jobs….”

???? ….. What planet are you reporting from?

Bismarck, North Dakota, like South Dakota or Sioux Falls, are takers from the federal government. Larger cities and states like Illinois, New York, and California are the givers to the federal coffer.

You conservatives often boast about how great things are here, but you fail to mention or realize that states like South Dakota, and cities like Sioux Falls, are the products of a progressive agenda and its expenditures and not ones of a conservative nature.

Also, when you conservatives try to compare midwest cities, especially cities found in the northern plains to our large metropolitan communities in this country, you are trying to compare apples to oranges and often forget about the greater challenges for larger communities with their heterogeneous populations as compared to the far more homogeneous communities found in the middle of the country, and especially in the northern plains.

TIFs are a waste of money. Without them, the businesses would still come and develop. TIFS are merely a piece of candy that local governments wave in the air to try get some attention, and thus, a seat at the table, which is filled with developers, so that the city can hope to influence and direct development, but at the expense of the average taxpayer.

#14 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.12.21 at 6:06 pm

TIFsters in this town have it backwards.
The TIF financing provides a (quasi-*)guaranteed flow of repayment to the banks providing financing to developers. Hence the admission from the hucksters peddling the USD Discovery District, “the banks won’t even talk to us until we receive TIF financing from the City. ” The obvious implication – the financials for the developer’s end of the project are not sound enough such that the bank is comfortable to provide financing unless municpalities pledge future flows of tax collections to repay to the bank money borrowed by the developer. The TIF has become the risk mitigation instrument for the banks providing financing to the developer. They [the developer and their bank(s)] are counting on filching money from the future flow of property taxes to repay financed costs of the project.
This is very much like government subsidized crop insurance, which is no longer optional for those seeking bank financing to plant a crop. Matter not that the crop insurance policies are a very bad deal for the US taxpayer (and unsubsidized, they are an awful deal for the farmer, too), because they provide a guaranteed flow of repayment to the bank, the subsidized insurance is required.
I find entertaining the POV that TIFs relieve municipalties of a need to assume ‘debt’. The costs of roads, utilities and infrastructure are ‘today costs’ which require immediate funding. If not debt financing, the money to pay for those items is carved from present-day tax receipts. Rather than spending $X to completely rebuild a random pot-hole ridden City street (take your pick), the City is obliged to commit those $X to build roads, provide utilities and infrastructure in a specific development.
Hint: the banker for the developers doesn’t give a rat’s posterior for the debt position of the municpality handing out TIFs.

* The term quasi-guaranteed might be appropriate. The success of a TIF district is not guaranteed. If the development fails, the real estate value does not increase and there are not growing receipts from real estate taxes.

#15 you're realy not kidding on 06.12.21 at 8:05 pm

mlz–when tifs are created, developers don’t pay taxes.
end of that story. funny thing is mr conservative… turds like neizert, erickson, selberg and yes your beloved pauly t, along with the rest of this council, and the one before, have voted to raise “YOUR” taxes at every opportunity. real conservative thinking there buddy. yes i watched the meeting with all the anti mask folks, to be clear, i was not in favor of the mask mandate, but ten haken was a feckless, gutless, weasel on the deal and the only reason he broke ranks was to salvage his political future in the republican party. i have no respect for that. now i’m off to relax, enjoy life and have a lot more fun.

#16 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.13.21 at 7:49 am

The principles of “Sioux Falls Republicanism” are those which prescribe emptying of the government coffers toward private enterprise.
It is most certainly not ‘conservative leadership’.

#17 Mike Zitterich on 06.13.21 at 5:09 pm

Lets not argue, lets find solutions. Not sure why democrats want to attack Republicans so much, but lets see how many conservatives are willing to stand up to protect our RIGHTS..

We all got to stand up to the big bad Federal Govt and keep our Soveriegnty ‘free’ here in South Dakota.

#18 now i'm not kidding on 06.13.21 at 7:01 pm

i’m a conservative. i’m going to question stupidity and deceit wherever i see it, on either side. because that is my RIGHT. guy from guernsey is right on. sioux falls republicanism is not conservative…not liberal either…just self serving and corrupt. the solution is to hold them accountable, if that’s possible. and/or vote ’em out…which, with all the money and influence peddling, seems to be impossible as well.

#19 Erica on 06.13.21 at 8:04 pm

Mike Z, I voted for PTH but he hasnt been transparent as much as you claim. What was his REAL reason for his trip to China? Why does he want to make SuFu a “smart city” so bad? Whats with all the 5g towers going up lately; seeing more and more of them.
And massive amounts of MASSIVE multi-family/mega apartments going up all over the city. Why? Its a huge reason why first time home buyers are no longer able to find their first home, especially in their price range.

#20 They Guy From Guernsey on 06.14.21 at 7:29 am

The most recent TIF to the Sioux Falls Development Foundation for Foundation Park provides the solution of a $30 million economic competitiveness fund, funded from withdrawals from the would-be collection of real estate taxes. This is essentially a blank checkbook to, you know, apply grease to wheels which, you know, need grease in order that, you know, … ahh, “economic impact”.
To what problem is that solution directed, Mike?
BTW, not all of Mr. Erhisman’s readers are Democrats. I am a conservative and I am standing up for to protect EVERYBODY’S RIGHTS through the exercise and conduct of (hopefully limited, but) good and ethical governance.
If you are ‘hearing’ democrats attacking Republicans, you are deceived by your ‘listening’.
The words you read are those which require accountability in elected government officials.

#21 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.14.21 at 8:26 am

Speaking of the USD Discovery District (and since the project is on the City Council agenda this week) – on which date will SAB Biotherapeutics break ground to filfill the public relations headlines? It has been three years since the announcement that SAB Biotherapeutics would be an anchor tenant.

#22 Jimmy Doxx on 06.14.21 at 8:35 am

Why do you allow Mike to continue to post here? He is just trying to gain more traction and name recognition for when he attempts to run for office. It’s a good thing I am keeping track of all his horrible posts that have gotten him kicked off out of numerous facebook groups. Knowing the GOP, they will embrace it like they did the emails I shared of their attempts to doxx criticizers and their ability to utilize state resources to do it. Mike, Paul, Pat Powers, and all their buddies are corrupt as hell.

#23 Jimmy Doxx on 06.14.21 at 11:27 am

Here is a prime example of Mike’s bigotry and anti-semitism.

#24 Mike Lee Zitterich on 06.14.21 at 12:30 pm

Let’s keep in mind, I have NOT disrepected anyone. And I will never disrespect anyone for their personal opinions, ideals, or thoughts. Not sure why personal attacks have to come into this. I have never really attacked anyone for that matter. Calm down Please.

I dont always agree with the city council, nor the mayor on many issues, but they do listen, and they do often times change their minds as the discussion transpires.

The reason I think the current mayor is the most transparent is the fact he does a decent job of listening to people, whether or not you agree with his end reasoning or decision, is for another topic. Least he tells you what he thinks, wishes for, and stands behind it.

I guess I am sorry of some of my beliefs offend some, but at the same time, “WE” need these discussions to occur if we are to learn from mistakes of the past, present, and have a bright future.

Really not sure what Jimmy Doxx is getting at other than he just simply hates my opinions and thoughts.

Lets all agree that ‘we’ are all Americans and have the natural right to do as we do, believe as we believe, speak up on things that matter to us.

Lets take a deep breath, step back, and find common agreements where we do agree, and then we can look at our disagreements as just that, disagreements on policy.

The Guy From Guenrsey – you bring up an interesting aspect to the TIF – the $30,000,000 million special fund set up for “economic development” — I to questioned the use of this fund, and asked the council how do we police it, manage it, and control it, and I agreed – we needs to be some oversight with that fund, specially if we are allowing the “Land Owner” to have 50% of the say in how to conduct such activity. My understanding if I recall the discussion that night, it is not so much a blank check, it was an agreement to do very specific things as it relates to the economy, I will have to go back and listen to the discussion, and I think Pat Starr and Rick Kiley said it best, can the City Council appoint/or install a “Oversight” position to over see the activity, monitor the expenses, and help give the people a voice in the ‘fund’ itself.

For those who know me, understand I am very conservative, and I support a very ‘limited government’ and an HONEST one at that.

As for another issue that was raised – the 5-G and Smart Technologies, I think most who know me, I was very alarmed by this concept, and I spoke out very aggressively at why do we need 5-G and Smart Technology, and reasoning against this was it in my opinion very much so – harmed our ‘sovereign’ ability to police ourselves, our properties, and it would lead to violating our protective space, this was one such area I did disagree with the mayor, let alone the council, and I told them so.

I live my life as such – “WE” can agree to disagree on many topics, but thru creating discussion, we can in fact find where we do often times ‘agree’ on many subjects, issues, ideals, and concepts.

I made a promise to Scott to always be respectful, honest with myself, and to be respectful, and I feel I have honored that committment. I have had some very quality discussions with Scott personally, and while we do somewhat disagree on TIFS, we have the ‘same’ hidden agenda – to expose the FRAUD, CORRUPTION, and MISTAKES of using TIFS.

What you will never see from me is personal attacks directed at anyone person, thing, or object.

P.S…I am not banned from any Facebook Group, while I did ‘remove’ myself from a few groups for my sanity, and to avoid all the personal hate and demonizing that goes on, on specific pages; I have often times very muc enjoyed the discussion on this blog, and I have made a valiant effort to RESPECT ALL OF YOU.

Lets, Stop, Take a Step Back, Take a Breath, from a long very stressful 2020, caused by so much divide, and find time to ‘honestly’ find a positive in our disagreements.

WE OWE it to our ancestors, families, friends, our fellow residents, and to pushing for further for Transperancy.

A true “Statesman” does not get caught up in all the political divide, hate, demanizing, personal disagreements, he sticks to his ‘beliefs’ and he tells you what you want to hear, let alone what you do NOT wan to hear.

Relax, Enjoy Life, Have Fun.

Call Mike Zitterich (605) 376-0527 – I do not run from my words, in fact, I enjoy those one on one converations personally among each other.

Thank You,

#25 Further Fear & Loathing on 06.14.21 at 2:13 pm

The key word here is “attempts”.

#26 yikes on 06.14.21 at 3:34 pm

“For those who know me, understand I am very conservative, and I support a very ‘limited government’ and an HONEST one at that.”

if that in fact is true, there is no way you can support our city government. as a whole it is riddled with cronyism, dishonesty and flat out stupidity.

#27 Very Stable Genius on 06.14.21 at 4:56 pm

The more limited a government, the easier to corrupt it. Checks and balances come from complexity and not simplicity.

Tyranny is the ultimate limited government.

A free people embrace the many involved, and thus, the sophistication which comes from such an exchange and harmony that transparency affords it – a transparency that cannot truly happen, however, if ones are not on both sides of a potentially limitless window.

#28 You Betcha on 06.14.21 at 11:14 pm

GFG is right and wrong. TIFs do have their place, and the do pay themselves back. The issue is finding the right balance between what makes a project work and what is a slush fund for the developer. Very disturbing that we can support a massive TIF that is unchecked for likes of Amazon and foreign owned CJ Foods, but when Wholestone Farms (regionally owned by local farmers) announces a plan for 1,100 person processing plant Mayor PTH is quoted as being concerned about the ability to support housing. Maybe stop giving away TIFs to foreign developers and national companies that don’t need it and support regional and local companies.

#29 Mike Lee Zitterich on 06.15.21 at 1:20 am

I do not believe I have ever said I believe the “city government” is a conservative one, I do beleive the actual government is very much liberal, while the “Council” is moderate. I am sorry if I make mad, but but I do long for a very limited, slow moving, conservative government.

“WE” need to discuss:

1) Reforming the 2nd Penny Sales Tax Plan
2) Limiting our Debt to no more than 25% of 2nd Penny
3) We need a plan in place to Save the Arena
4) We need to revitalize the Industrial Park along Russell Street;
5) Develop the Top of the Bluff over looking Sioux Falls
6) Redistrict the City into 7 Districts of 27,000 People.
7) Get rid of the At-Large Districts
8) Need a 9 Member City Council (odd #)
9) Downsize City GOvernment by 35%
10) Promote Small Business Mom and Pop Stores.

That is what I want, and this is coming from a “ANTI-FEDERALIST and one who is more like Patrick Henry.

#30 Erica on 06.15.21 at 10:25 am

YouBetcha, agreed. TIFs should NOT be going to nationwide massive businesses, at all. Too many TIFs passed out by this city who then turns around and is ALWAYS increasing property taxes of the homeowners. Every. Damn. Year.

I hadnt heard yet about PTH’s comment regarding housing with new LOCAL business wanting to start large pork producing company but is very concerning. Seems he favors a CHINA owned one in our city rather than 100% home based. Wonder where his loyalties TRULY lie.

#31 Mike Lee Zitterich on 06.15.21 at 5:33 pm

The TIF did not go to Amazon, the TIF was created at the “land owners” request to establish a TIF District, while the “Land owners” of whom are the investors of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation – are receiving the TIF proceeds thanks in large part to ‘developing’ the land itself, South Dakota Codified Law explains very clearly what the “Money” can be used for – Public Roads, Infrastructure, Water-Sewer, Utilities, Land Clean Up Costs, Finance/Debt Interest Payments, etc.

AMAZON does NOT get one dime of this “TIF”

AMAZON has received a Federal Grant to build their Building, and which must create jobs, and at $15/hour. That was their agreement with the Federal Govt upon accepting the GRANT.

Sioux Falls Development Foundation is the “land owner” and the “property holder’ of whom is leasing their land to Amazon and Other companies who will pay to “use’ the land in the form of Land Use Agreements as well as “property taxes”.

The SALES TAXES collected from the commercial activitiy then go to the PEOPLE of the State and of the City for Other public services.

The CITY also gets to grab their portion of the Property Tax Dollars to spend on things that the statutes allow them to spend the dollars on.

#32 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.15.21 at 8:02 pm

My understanding is that the most recent Foundation Park TIF does not go to Amazon, nor to CJ Foods.
The initial beneficiaries of that TIF, especially the $30 million economic competitiveness (aka slush) fund are Bob Mundt, Dean Dziedzic, Mike Gray and the rest of the administrative overhead at the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.
As for the oversight of expenditures from the $30 million slush fund, here is what I heard, “well certainly we can allow a portion of the Council to exercise oversight on this, but it will need to be a very small number of people, because, um, well, economic development moves fast. We are not going to be able to labor the process with a whole lot of approvals.”

Neither Starr, nor Brekke (the only Council members who represent the interests of the general citizenery of Sioux Falls) will gain any advance knowledge of the way in which this money will be used.
More likely called upon with respect to this TIF – the Councilor Most Recently Purchased by a Prospective Motorized Foot Scooter Vendor.