Levitt returns with some interesting adjustments

As you can see from the pictures, it was a packed house which was awesome, and the weather was fantastic.

Two things that stuck out was the very long line for drinks, because in 2019 the lines were not bad at all. I found out when I got up there that drinks went from $5 in 2019 to $7 and you could no longer buy drink tickets, so you have to run your card or pay cash every time you go get a drink which I’m sure delays the line. The bartender told me though, I could have a tab. I asked why there was NO tickets, and he said something about a ‘city decision’. I’m not sure what that is about, because if it has anything to do with underage drinking, there is nothing stopping people from buying drinks for minors. I think they just want to slow the line so there is less intoxication. I also think they should allow people to bring at least their own beer and wine, but I will stay away from that rant.

My 2nd surprise was the sound. While the quality was fine, the volume was at about the same level as your grandma’s turn table. The volume has been turned down quite a bit since 2019. I have no doubt it has to do with Downtown’s ridiculous decibel levels and people complaining about the music after they decided to live across the street from a band shell. I guess all the trains running through downtown don’t have to follow those rules, but a Jazz Band does. I wonder what the sound level was at The Alliance last night at the Martin Zellar concert our Supreme Leader was attending?

I have thought for a long time the fun police in Sioux Falls would find a way to hinder the Levitt. As I told a friend today, ‘If it doesn’t have to do with youth sports, church or dogs it is NOT a priority in Sioux Falls and the fun police will find a way to kill it.’


#1 Warren Phear on 06.13.21 at 9:32 am

Back when Levitt shells were first going up around the country, one of the major draws, aside from being free, was being able to bring your own food and drink. I suspected SF would never allow that to fly. A $7 beer? No thanks.


#2 l3wis on 06.13.21 at 10:07 am

WP is correct, around half of the Levitts allow you to bring your own alcohol. I think one of them has a NO alcohol rule. It really has to do with local jurisdiction. The SF Levitt could allow alcohol with one simple tweak by the city council which would make Falls Park South a alcohol allowed park while keeping regular Falls Park non-alcohol. I have argued with councilors that by allowing a contractor to sell at the Levitt, they are essentially making the park an alcohol park. What’s the difference if you are drinking a beer sold by the contractor or a beer you bought at HyVee in advance? The price, that’s it. Even if you bring your own, I still think you would still need a bracelet. This really comes down to greed and control and little else, and I also think if you ban liquor and only allow beer and wine, this would also control it a little bit. There are plenty of drinking establishments in a rock’s throw of the Levitt people can have drinks at before coming to the show. I’m not sure how they think they are controlling people getting trashed. I also think at least the Saturday concerts should go until 10 PM. In 2019 I got a good laugh out of how the band would end at 9 PM just as the sun was going down. Silly.

#3 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 06.13.21 at 2:25 pm

Vendors profit. Noise controlled after 9pm. People are then drunk and channeled to the other bars for more alcohol, louder music, and profit for the few. It sounds like a conniving business plan, if you ask me. It’s like creating new jobs where the wages are just enough to pay for your rent, food, gas, and insurance. I would blame it all on Norwegian wood (Biden?), if I could, but there’s no lutefisk to be had. Just music to 9, then you are drunk and stranded. It’s like a dead-end job away from the farm and your parents, where you have enough to survive, but no money for fun. Well, at least not after 9pm. Beers are $7, ice cream is $5, but the lemonade is only $2. Well, you know what they say you can make out of lemons, right? So enjoy the lemons and make the most of it.

#4 "Woodstock" on 06.13.21 at 3:35 pm

“Maybe they should start rolling up the sidewalks at 9pm, too”….

#5 Name thankfully no longer in quotes on 06.14.21 at 9:52 am

The sound at the Zellar show was how it always is in that room. Not great.