Mayor Ten Haken whittles the Police Chief choice down to two lieutenants

Well, I wasn’t surprised that the candidates were picked internally;

“Conversation with the Candidates” will take place at the Belbas Theater at the Washington Pavilion next Monday at 5:30 pm. The two final candidates are Sioux Falls Police Lt. Jonathan Thum and Lt. Nick Cook.

After the announcement today, some have been asking why a couple of mid-rank officers got the hat tip and not a captain? I asked someone in the know if any applied, they replied ‘YES’. There have been several rumors floating around that the top brass including the current police chief haven’t been making Paul very happy, and maybe the reason he most likely is going to promote from the 2nd tier.

I have heard both officers are well liked and equal in qualifications. But I’m guessing the prettier one will probably prevail 🙂


#1 Very Stable Genius on 06.07.21 at 11:13 pm

I always thought Thum would be chief someday, but I didn’t think it would happen possibly this soon.

I guess it gives new credence to the word “someday”, doesn’t it? Thus, there’s still hope for the village people down by the river, isn’t there?

#2 D@ily Spin on 06.08.21 at 8:13 am

Definitely from within. National recruitment means time, expense, and population/lifestyle unfamiliarity. Certainly lieutenant, not captain. Chief from the ranks is connected and energetic. Unlikely to immediately retire like as for before.

#3 Mike Lee Zitterich on 06.08.21 at 10:04 am

I would never choose a police chief from outside the State. This has come up from several people as of late.

1) YOU want to reward your best Police Officers with the chance to become “Chief”.

2) YOU want the Chief to be a individual that has earned the respect, the honor, and acknowledgement from the community itself, the Citizens of South Dakota.

3) You want your CHIEF to fully understand South Dakota Motor Vehicle Codes, Traffic Codes, let alone the Statutes, Codes, Regulations, Ordinances of the Sub-Division.

4) YOU DO NOT want some Foreign Outsider coming here from some State such as California or N.Y brining with their drama, progressive agenda, which then impedes “our” Sovereign Right to Self Govern Ourselves. “WE” make our own laws, NOT some Foreign Lobby.

5) Like with Judges, Police Chiefs, and even the case with the Fire Chief – you want to reward those closest to you, the people, for protecting the rights of the people here localy, NOT some goofy guy from outside the State who most likely will bring in such policies as “DEFUND THE POLICE” or has an agenda to allow the FEDS to grant more federal dollars to the Police.

And lastly, I am agaist “Accreditation” of the Police Department, that just adds to much cost to the Tax payer. That will get brought up during this debate as well, and I am just putting my two cents out there.

#4 l3wis on 06.08.21 at 2:37 pm

You seem to think our current officers know those laws. LOL. A police chief is an effective manager of his or her force, not a judge or lawyer.

#5 Erica on 06.08.21 at 8:35 pm

100% agree, Mike. So disappointing to see many comments on Facebook about this news of people complaining that a candidate from outside of the state isnt up for consideration. I am GLAD one of our local own officers is up for the position.

#6 l3wis on 06.08.21 at 8:52 pm

Sorry, I stand by my previous comment, the new police chief should be a strong and effective leader not the past 20 year president of the Neighborhood Watch garden club. An effective manager can come from anywhere, heck, our new Public Health Director is from Nigeria.

#7 Mike Lee Zitterich on 06.09.21 at 11:39 am

Not hard to understand the Motor Vehicle Code or Title 32. I practically know it by heart, and what I do not know, well, I keep the book right by my side, I believe any form of Law Enforcement Officer should know the laws they are attempting to ‘police’. They better, cause they are pulling us over everyday for breaking specific rules and codes.

I am not sure about the Neighborhood Watch Garden Club, but we do have the “Kiwanis Club”

Officers who work closely to the community, hang out and speak to those such ‘residents’ within those core neighorhoods is 100% a positive approach to policing the city.

Businesses pay Licenses Fees to provide for the Police; which then by protecting the commercial interests of the city, our core neighorhoods are then indirectly protected, and the best police officers are those who meet one one with the residents, hence that Police Officer should be promoted to become “CHIEF”

The Mayor has it correct.

#8 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 06.09.21 at 7:33 pm

Does anyone know if the SFPD has a program, like they have in Hyde County, where a potential defendant from a traffic accident can borrow an officer’s personal vehicle, in order, to continue on their way after an initial investigation of the given accident?

#9 Mike Lee Zitterich on 06.10.21 at 11:53 am

I believe South Dakota Citizens are helpful, considerate, caring, and honest. I think “WE” all will go out of our way to help the person next door. IF your comments are directed to the County Sheriff loaning his personal vehicle to the Attorney General, I would think you would do the same for a friend who may be in the same position so he could get home to his family, with the intent to pick up back where they left off the night before. There is nothing wrong with helping people.

You Democrats love to blow smoke where there is no smoke, whereas most Republicans have hearts of gold and would give you the sleeves off their shirt to help people. This is the beauty of being a South Dakota Citizen. “WE” all help each other.

South Dakota is a rural populated State, with Friendly People, and we Often are more “Conservative” in our traditions, politics, lives, beliefs, and caring.

Stop the Hate, Stop the Political Divide, Stop being so Judgemental – Relax, Enjoy Life, Have Fun.

#10 Further Fear & Loathing on 06.10.21 at 4:26 pm

Is Mike saying the SFPD has a program like that, then? And when does “helpful” become socialistic? Do we know how to stop it, if it gets out of hand? OH, and before the anti-quotation boy finds it, it’s “judgmental”. But who am I to judge?

Also, when Mike writes this:

“You Democrats love to blow smoke where there is no smoke, whereas most Republicans have hearts of gold and would give you the sleeves off their shirt to help people”…..

I can’t help but think of the legalization of Mary Jane and that safe which went missing in Platte.