Kermit Staggers Internment at Veterans Cemetery

David Staggers talking about his brother

I had the pleasure yesterday of attending Kermit’s Interment at the Veterans Cemetery outside of Sioux Falls. (He was an intelligence officer with the Air Force) So many wonderful things were said about this brilliant man and friend.

Kermit’s son, Kyle, said it best when he talked about Kermit’s integrity, kindness and work ethic.

While Kermit and I disagreed on many things, he always respected my opinion and would have an honest discussion about it. They don’t make many politicians like Kermit, it’s unfortunate. I look at our current city council and mayor and sometimes wonder what Kermit would say about it. I probably know the answer.

Rest in Peace my friend, you are missed everyday. (we did record some phone video, and hope to have it up soon).

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#1 D@ily Spin on 07.04.21 at 7:44 am

What I remember most about Kermit is he listened. Not true for other councilors and the mayor. They have their own agenda.
The only thing wrong about the veterans cemetery is the city donated the land. This vet will be buried on sacred ground at Sturgis with others who protected and defended constitutional democracy. Still, 500 miles is to close to Sioux Falls.