Shell email circulating to local politicians

This same content email has been sent multiple times to different local officials over the past week, the only thing that changes is the greeting and the signature;

Dear M——,

As your constituent and your boss, I demand that you do everything in your power to ban Vaccine Mandates and Passports. This is an unconstitutional deprivation of liberty without due process and is a critical issue to me. It is unconscionable that Americans freedom of movement would be threatened in an attempt to coerce people to get vaccinated, even as Anthony Fauci is urging masks be worn by the vaccinated and unvaccinated. I’ll be watching how you vote.


I can tell you from talking to one of the elected officials who got this, there was some frustration, but if you want to make a point, you should probably write your own email instead of copy and pasting from InfoWars.

As for vaccination mandates, by private employers, I don’t agree unless you work in a critical field like healthcare, education, public service, transportation and food processing. I also think it goes against worker rights, especially in a right to work state like South Dakota, ironically where an employer can fire you for any reason, vaccination requirement or not. Employers in SD have the right to have ANY requirement, uniforms, shoes, or shots. While I think anyone eligible should get the vaccination, and if you don’t you are freaking moron (you really are) I don’t think your employer should be telling you what to do when it comes to your health. Besides, if your employer has to tell you this, they really should consider what kind of people are working for them 🙁 Trust me, I understand some people can’t get get the vaccination. I have several friends who have been told by their doctors not to get it. Most of those cases have to do with Cancer and blood clots. But a vast majority of Americans are eligible. As of today 96% of American doctors are fully vaccinated. If you don’t like your employer telling you what to do, be smart and go get a shot and you can avoid all this crap, oh and you might live.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 08.08.21 at 6:04 pm

If aliens ever invade us with their UAPs, will these same people protest the draft, too?

( and Woodstock adds: “You know why they call them ‘UAPs’, don’t you?”…. “So, they never have to admit that UFOs exist”…. #AcronymicDoubleSpeak

#2 Jon on 08.08.21 at 8:18 pm

Start with mandating the vaccine, and what next? Can’t smoke off the clock, eat burgers, have high cholesterol, not exercise, etc. The bar for what they mandate will only go higher and to other areas of one’s life.

#3 Very Stable Genius on 08.08.21 at 11:08 pm

Well, if your smoke, hamburgers, cholesterol, or non exercise can kill others directly, then “Yes”.

(“That guy is eating so many hamburgers over there, that it’s killing me”… ). 😉

#4 Erica on 08.09.21 at 1:11 am

Are you one of those “influencers” being paid to hawk the vax onto your readers now or what? Let’s see if you can make it a full week without complaining that enough people aren’t vaccinated to your standards 🙄

#5 My Mistake Mike on 08.09.21 at 10:23 am

Went to the dentist this morning. They have two signs at the front door “encouraging” face masks in the waiting area. I’m vaccinated, but I also appreciate that I am a guest in their facility. So I put on my mask, walk in, and see 10+ people in the waiting area ranging in age from under 10 to over 80. Not a single one wearing a mask. The employees wear a mask ALL day, yet these people can’t wear one for 5-10 minutes.

We’ve followed “no shirt, no shoes, no service” for years without question. We accept it’s a norm to wear pants at all times. What’s so damn hard about a simple mask during a pandemic? It’s really sad and pathetic.

#6 Very Stable Genius on 08.09.21 at 11:39 am

Vaccinations should be mandated. How different is that then when there was marital law after the Rapid City flood, or when 41st Street was blocked off for two days due to a tornado? The only difference is that this time it’s not a flood or tornado, it’s a pandemic which can be weakened by vaccinations. Where as marital law and road blockades are after the fact and are really only protecting property and not life. What is it? Do we care more about property than life?

#7 Big Guy on 08.09.21 at 9:50 pm

What’s the difference with certain vaccinations are being required for kids before starting schools such as polio, MMR, etc.? I am okay with getting vaccination(s) and I do believe CDC is not out to kill citizens (as some crazies are claiming) because that means less revenue from us taxpayers for the politicians in the DC and elsewhere.

#8 D@ily Spin on 08.10.21 at 10:49 am

How about no more free cheese without vaccination? Vaccine goes to waste because of stubborn citizens. Give it to illegals. They’re spreading the virus and will take it.

#9 D@ily Spin on 08.10.21 at 5:58 pm

Looks as if they’ll be another COVID stimulus check. How about no payment without proof of vaccination?

#10 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 08.11.21 at 2:20 pm

Right now, conservatives are killing themselves. Do we have enough coffins?